Sunday, October 4, 2009

One Week in Fremantle

It has been little over a week that Mhadei sailed into the Fremantle Sailing Club escorted by a powerboat bigger than herself with the wind blowing over 35 kts. She was well received by representatives of the club, the Australian Navy, the Boat's agents and the mandatory Customs & Quarantine officials who finished off their inspections in no time and made us feel at home. Mr Jon Sanders, with four Solo Circumnavigations under his belt dropped by to check us out. Next afternoon we had a little reception at the club with the Hon Counsel General of India, the Indian Naval Attache, CO HMAS Stirling and a host of retierd Indian Naval & Army Offrs in attendance. My crew & lone support team Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy fetched up the next day by air. Mhadei had beaten Air India by a good two days! Giving a link to an article published in the main newspaper in Western Australia. 

We are presently enjoying the hospitality of the club & the City of Fremantle with Mhadei at a secure alongside berth and self at a serviced appartment not too far away. The club is planning to have their Opening season event on 11 Oct and we are invited for the sail past. Probably the first time an Indian boat will be taking part! Started working on the boat, cleaning up, changing chaffed lines, sending sails to the loft for minor repairs, a mast climb to check the fittings on top and a dive to check the bottom. Like the old adage,"a housewife's work is never over", the work on a boat is never over either, you always find something that needs to be done!

Apart from working on the boat there are small pleasures to be enjoyed! Like sleeping on a bed for the entire night instead of a bunk & a sleeping bag, making a cup of coffee and breakfast in the morning without bracing yourself for the next roll, having a hot water bath daily without having to worry about the watermaker, going to a vegetable market and buying fresh fruit, taking a long brisk walk without running out of walking space and the list goes on.........! Funny how many things we take for granted on land! Staying in a serviced appartment means I can mess around in the kitchen and my crew is the only & obvious guinea pig who eats whatever is served to him with a smile including some juicy Kangaroo steaks two days back!

     Looking forward to attending a concert by Jagjit Singh in the evening at the invitation of the Hon Counsel General!