Friday, September 4, 2009

Romping turns to Battering

Since this afternoon Mhadei is being battered by strong winds and big seas. The winds are blowing to 20 - 25 kts with regular period of gusts beyond 35 kts. This has build up a large sea of over 4 mtr and Mhadei is heading into all this mayhem! The weather forecast is predicting the conditions to last for a couple of days more so we seem to be in it for the long haul! The cook has flatly refused to do anything with fire because while the gimballed gas oven keeps utensils steady against rolling, it does not have any solution to keep them on when the boat thumps itself on a wave and the pots tend to fly off vertically! So the skipper is left to scrounge for himself by nibbling various tidbits in the galley! Mhadei bashes on regardless and all the skipper can do is sit and give her that sagely and time tested advice,"this too shall pass!" 


tell tale said...

you should have carried those straps that are used to tie chetaks to flight decks. :)

anyways, "this too shall pass"

-- abhilash

kodasrivatsa said...

Way to go skipper ! Greetings from T66. by the way (in your multi-persona-do) did you enact the mandatory "crossing the line ceremony" when you went past the EQ? Question yourself and punish yourself..... since, you are enjoying the ROLLiking time ! Take care.

SUBIR said...

When VTOL, without any stabilization, is prescribed by nature it is often wise to practice horizontality!! Try it whenever the elements permit. On land people yearn for canned food and purchase it from cold-storages when fresh food is available aplenty. On your boat …….. Happy eating.

The fact that every day you are encountering such diverse conditions is proof enough of the diversity of nature, particularly the seas. Not for you the monotony of sameness. Hang on and this too shall pass, as you have rightly pointed out - the best often follows the worst !!!

The sturdiness of the design and construction is surely paying off richly. Thank God we insisted for the best. Way to go Ratnakar ....

Take Care.

SUBIR said...


pallavi said...

With a strong personality like yours u need not worry .

Be cool and keep your fingers crossed !!

zenobia said...

Hi Dilip

Interesting post. I do not know may be 'let-every-man-be-responsible-for-cooking-his-bowl-of-instant-noodles-Maggie' policy could work ?! :)

I'm a civilian. :)

Send us more photographs. Tell us about your team..esp about your cook..and what is "crossing the line ceremony ?" ..if you could tell us that too..

You will be a changed man when you come and your team-mates.. Adrenaline-filled journeys do that to us..It is raining in Mumbai..

Waiting for your next post.. :)

pracs said...

Hey for those who are civilians and unaware abt te expedition i would like to add few inputs cas dilip might not be able to ans quickly enough to individuals as he is facing huge life drama mid of te sea

Commander Donde is on a circumnavigation, he is sailing solo(alone) round te world, he started his journey on 19th Aug 09 from Mumbai and will be coming to te same point after a year. He is te first Indian to do so.(only 300 people so far have tried this-Sir Knox from Uk was first to complete it)

Cdr. Donde will travel a distance of over 21,600 Nm over 9 months with halts at 4 ports - Fremantle (Australia), Christ Church (New Zealand), Port Stanley (Falkland Islands) and Cape Town (South Africa).

He is doing a "one man show", we all Indians should support him as he is marching ahead facing all difficult forces of nature

Atty said...

Sir,this short evocation for the Lord of the Seas(is there a special one for the trade winds?):-)

When it was sunny you were kind
When it was glassy you were generous
Now that it is choppy we pray do not rescind
The blessing which ye showered on Captain courageous

The gale will test and go away
The storm will also remain at bay
As Mhadei cuts the trade winds
Remains she always in our minds

best luck always,

Tanya Mital said...

Hi sir,
GREAT going.......
Keep up the spirit...
and may u have more of the majestic sunsets as u go along!
Cdr Asheem Mital

prabirgoswami said...

The trail shows you tagged the Equator! Am told some ceremonies are normal then. Not, I expect, in your situation. By now you may have recharted Eastwards. Hope so, anyhow, and that the weather and waves have turned kind. Can see you are not getting much rest and so your stamina is being stretched & tested! Good show & keep on. Like your humour too. Really good to see the spirited support of so many sailor lads. Still, we are afar and can only do as much! Wish you all that's best for you to succeed.

SUBIR said...

Hi, Howz the Sunday routine? Romping I guess. Whatever the saying may be -even below the 60th you have God and all of us with you.
Awaiting your next post.

HR said...

Hello Dhonde !! Fantastic. Words are failing me. I still remember your words very clearly while you were leaving PB,and there were people trying to dissuade you from attempting it. I am glad you are finally living your dream.Very few can attempt it,let alone finish it. Carry on and on and on......May God be with you. Bye
--- Raghu

Swati Raje said...

Hi dilip it is really scarry . and not having your blog for last 3 days adds to the worry. TAke care of your health and ask the chef Mr. Donde to feed you properly with ready to eat stuff! Swatitai

viji said...

hi dilip
N-joying ?? What's up man ? no news last three days. Take care .
Cdr Vijayant singh

SUBIR said...


Congrats - you must have crossed the Tropic of Capricorn by now. Crossing the equator was a big deal for the Europeans. For us Indians the bid deal should be crossing the Tropic of Capricorn. Now you have done it once again.

With you having to head SSW, maybe you'll set the record for the longest distance travelled to go round the world !!! Romp on.....

vikram said...

Dilip,the kochi gang is thrilled with your feat. way to go boy!!!how long till f'mantle. regards shergills and menons