Saturday, November 27, 2010

Back to the Sea!

After a short rest of 06 months and lots of TLC lavished on her by Ratnakar, her builder, Mhadei set sail again from Goa on 25 Nov 10 for Cape Town. Unlike the virtual crew of the last voyage she has a real crew this time in the form of Dilip Donde, Abhilash Tomy, Gautam Khajuria and Pankaj Kumar. The idea is to take part in a race from Cape Town to Rio de Janeiro commencing 15 Jan 11, being organized by the Royal Cape Yacht Club of Cape Town. This is the first time an Indian boat will be taking part in a trans ocean race thus continuing Mhadei’s habit of trail blazing! Info about the race can be obtained at the RCYC web site

We were seen off at Goa by Rear Admiral Sudhir Pillai, Flag Officer Commanding Goa area who has been a fan of the boat and has taken her under his wings, since the time she was discovering her sea legs. The others included all officers of INS Mandovi, her new home, along with their families. After making good progress under a gennaker, the largest of the sail with us, in a light breeze, the wind gods decided to take a break leaving us in a flat windless sea since yesterday. This being more of a delivery trip for the race and since we do not have much time in hand we have been motoring for the past 24 hrs which isn’t all that exciting as far as sailing goes. There have been other exciting moments though. A bunch of whales frolicking at a distance, jumping completely out of water! A couple of sparrows taking passage on the boat, the usual schools of dolphins crossing our path and a pair of turtles & sea snakes basking on the flat sea……. 

Things are definitely easier for the skipper compared to the last trip! For example on leaving Goa all he had to do was steer the boat while the sails got set as if by magic! Wow, what luxury! It is good training for the crew. While Abhilash had sailed the boat from Goa to Mauritius last year, others are still learning their ropes. By the time they reach Cape Town they will probably be more at home on Mhadei than what they have ever been at their homes on land! Well thats a long way off and while there will undoubtedly be exciting times during the passage, the crew, like all seamen wishes that the passage is as uneventful as possible! Will keep the readers posted as we move. For now a picture of the Mhadei casting off at Goa in her namesake river.


himanshu said...

Dear Sir.
Best of luck


Elsie said...

Bon for india

pracs said...

HEllo to all of u,

Must be fun with the crew, at least now you can relax and enjoy your swimming.....

Anonymous said...

hi guys, nice report. thanx. v at mandovi miss u. so do the mistakenly ordered dry fruits that await ur return in the canteen, bye, capt gp

Designer said...

Hi there Mhadei,
Thanks to tell tale got hooked on to you guys in time. Now with 4 of you on board look forward to more frequent news and Pics. All the very best and look forward to you winning the race.

P.S. When Abhilash mentioned you guys are on your way back to CT, I thought you bachelors had girl friends out there !!!!

Indian Navy Solo Circumnavigation said...

@ Designer

And what makes you feel we don't!