Saturday, December 4, 2010

Across the Line yet again!

Mhadei crossed the Equator and got back in the Southern Hemisphere at 0258 on 03 Dec 10. This crossing, the fifth in eighteen months was rather interesting. A rouge minion of Neptune in the form of a nasty squall was waiting to ambush her within minutes of entering the Southern Hemisphere. Luckily the same had been detected on the radar and the boat was well prepared for it when it hit. All it could do in the end was to send her a bit off course at a fast clip while giving plenty of cool fresh water to the crew to have a shower and wash clothes!

We have been getting good steady winds since the last two days, translating into good progress on a Southerly course. We will continue heading South till we meet the South Easterly trade winds which will help us shape a straight downwind course to the South African coast.

As I write, it is a beautiful starlit night outside with a sky so clear and stars so bright that the horizon is visible by starlight alone! Mhadei is sailing along merrily on a cool steady Westerly breeze. A perfect time to lie out on the deck and do some stargazing!

Posting some pics by Gautam Khajuria, on his first trip with Mhadei.



swati said...

Great Pictures...Wow !! starlit night and stargazing with boat sailing smoothly... the crew deserves these pleasures of ocean sailing after all the running about before leaving and after a day of windless situation. The skipper seems to be enjoying and realxed with a crew of 3 some around. Enjoy guys!! Hope the wind God remains happy and gay !!

swati raje said...

hi Dilip
are you trying to set a record of crossing equator maximum number of times in short time or is it starting of a new event " Meet Dilip Donde at equator"?
all the best

George said...

Hi Sir,
All the very best for the new venture.... Wish you good luck at Cape Town and beyond.....

Rashmi said...

All the best. Happy Sailing!!!!

ATUL said...

beautiful pictures.
Dear CDR Donde and his friends, this is Atul Donde. I congratualte you for crossing the equdor 8 times in a year. also wish a great success in this venture too.
What a beautiful picture you have posted!!
Atul Donde Thane

Krantz said...

Great pics Gautam. wish you fair winds everywhere so the crew could be in Cape town to welcome the new year!

Anonymous said...

hi guys, i was off the circuit for some time. now on leave in kerala. back at mandovi on 14 dec. good to know everything is fine. lovely pics by khajuria. and nice writing dhonde. is that a QR for long range yachting? all the best. bye, gp

ATUL said...

Good Morning to you all
Nice to see you reaching the Cape.
I see your map every day just as one sees the News paper
Atul Donde

vd jyoti said...

Namskar sir, wish you all the best for your venture.Be proud of india.