Tuesday, December 21, 2010

South of Madagascar

Mhadei crossed about 150 Nm South of the Island of Madagascar this morning and is now rushing for the South Eastern tip of the African continent in good following winds and seas. The winds are predicted to remain Easterly for the next two days which should translate into some fast progress as we get closer to the fast moving Agulhas current and a fast passage to Cape Town in time for New Years! Bets are on, on board, whether we celebrate the New Year's in Cape Town or at Sea! A bit too early to predict yet. We will get a better idea in the next few days!


Designer said...

Hi there,
Wish you get to CT by New Year, or what will the girl friends do ? Who is betting against that ? Then you can also switch on the engine at full speed, eh mate ? The navy guys always do that !!
Was looking forward to some pictures of Mauritius as you passed by. The last time they were pretty good ! So speed it up guys !

Anonymous said...

hey skipper and crew.....agree with the designer...the dames will be waiting for the "sailing hunks " to touch shore and sweep them off their feet ! reach there in time.. mates ! regards to skipper from 'brand new cdr'
ps ran into the designer last weekend....seemed proud about his design !

Designer said...

Wishing the skipper and crew a very Merry Xmas onboard. Maybe a hot Indian curry with Fungi and some wine ( it does go well together ! ) should be in order. Last time it was a New Zealand X'mas cake. Hope you have a Indian one this time. Listen to some carols on the local South African station as you swish along the water. Have a good Christmas !

ATUL said...

Wish you reach Cape Town as per plans
Wish you all a merry X'Mas and a very successful New year too
Atul donde

Sven said...

Dear Dilip,
merry christmas to you and your crew!
A year ago you and Jessica were close to point Nemo in the Pacific...
So I hope you have reached Cape Town in time and have a pleasant christmas dinner at CT's Waterfront.
Enjoy the summer while we here, up North in Germany, are getting deep frozen and covered with lots of snow.
My father in law and his crew participated with a German boat in the Cape Town to Rio race, some time back in the seventies...
All the best from
Sven in Hamburg

ATUL said...

Hope your sailing is very comfortable and you are enjoying. We wish you a very happy New year well in advance

Atul Donde

SaltyDog said...

I'm looking forward to your next update, Dilip. How did the Cape Doctor treat you this time. I'm sure a festive time is being had by all in Cape Town. Have a great time with all of the friends that you made during you last stop there.

From Seattle, WA, USA

ATUL said...

Wish You a best of Luck for the game starting from today I believe