Monday, May 26, 2008

Laminating Mhadei


Surendra Ahuja said...

Dilip you are living a dream! I had thought that fighter flying was the best thing one could do for one's living. From what I read in your blog, your job seems even better!! I truly envy you. Having had the pleasure of sailing with you on the Mhadei off Goa, I can well imagine the experience you are going through.

I am going to follow this blog very closely. And am proud to be the first one commenting on this. Best of luck for all that is to follow. Fair winds and following seas!! We say it all the time, only now it sounds most appropriate. Capt Ahuja (your friend and well wisher at Goa,

Before I go, I must complement your writing skills. The makings of a 'bestseller' are visible.

Jaydeep said...

Those pictures of sunrises are amazingly vivid ... although I think an artist would do even more justice than digital camera ... as there is something of his experience embedded in the painting .... do you paint Dilip?