Friday, August 21, 2009

Post from Mhadei 21 Aug 09

19 Aug 09 - Finally left at 1645 from Mumbai. After all the chaos the media created at the flag off, frankly was glad to get off. By 1720 the sail was up, I was panting like a dog with the effort of putting up the main sail but Mhadei was sailing nicely on a broad reach in NWly winds, a bit unusual for this season with the SW monsoon still supposed to be around. The wind kept increasing and for a while we were doing a healthy 10 kts with plans being made to cross Goa in 24 hrs! The wind kept shifting through the night. That and the fishing fleets signalled goodbye to any sleep. By early morning the wind died out completely.
20 Aug 09 - Thanks to almost non exsistent winds, serious sleep depravation while on land and painfully stiff neck, "Sunday routine" was declared after making the mandatory position report at 0800. Didn't even need to cook breakfast as Manjiri, wife of my Tarangini shipmate Lt Cdr Atla Mohan had packed up some excellent "Halwa". A cocktail of Brufen & paracatamol took care of the neck. After having slept the whole day, plans of a good night's sleep were again dashed by shifty winds and most unusally, an attack of large sized moths over 50 Nm from the coast. The first one came around sunset and I was wondering about his sense of navigation when slowly more started descending. Obiviously attaracted by light they were allover committing "Harakiri" on the Chart plotter, Nav equipment, lights etc. Finally switched off the chart plotter and slept outside as the one's already inside couldn't find a way out. There was not much wind anyway andthe boat was hardly moving.
21 Aug 09 - Realised it wasn't fair to blame the wind yesterday. It could have been worse as I discovered today! A couple of hours of light North Easterly breeze and then quietness! The sea slowly turned glassy. Nothing you can do but furl up the Genoa, get the main fore & aft to reduce its flapping, switch off the autopilot and lock the rudder. In fact I switched off all the Nav equipment as it seemed pointless keeping it on with us drifting around. Made a nice lunch of Dal & Rice followed by the mandatory siesta. Out of habit went on deck between my naps to find Dolphins lounging around. Thanks to absolute stillness around could clearly hear them. Posting some of their snaps clicked using the fancy new camera on board. Its almost 1900 as I write. A NW wind seems to be making some efforts at moving Mhadei. In the morning I was "Off Goa", by dusk I am still there! Lets see where I reach tomorrow! Till then celebrating passing off Goa by having some "Goa Sausage Pulao", a favourite of my crew Lt Cdr Abhilash Tomy during our past trips, and listening to AIR Panaji.  


tell tale said...

Goa sausage pulao? wait i am coming!!

neha said...

The dolphins are adorable! How come I didn't see any!

Radhika said...

Hey Dilip
Congrats on the flag off. Have a solid time. Keep the spirits high. We know you will do it.
Warm regards to each and every one who has helped in achieving this dream come true

pracs said...

superb photographer,u got time to photoshoot te dolphins, kool i rem watching dolphins along with u at goa shipyard, mising u, take care, n enjoy each moment.

oliveslime said...

Great going keep the flag fliying high will keep u company through your voyage.

Anonymous said...

best wishes for your world tour

and keeping india's name ahead and feeling proud to all navy cadets and indian citizen's

deepak sawant
Ex-Navy Ncc Cadet

vjs said...

mAlways thought solo circum navigation to forte of western world; closest we came was thru' scriptures and Discovery the end it looks its all about courage , training and will....all the best

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