Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ten days and 1500 Miles

We have been at sea for ten days and have covered exactly 1500 Nm . Not too bad considering the slow start. The grand flag off at Mumbai, the hectic activity before that, all are distant memories as if they happened in a different world! This state of bliss after a few days of sailing is really interesting, because then you stop worrying about the distance to be covered, the speed you are doing and the creature comforts of a land based life. Suddenly you are not in a hurry to go anywhere. Today was another perfect day! Just as I was having a cup of coffee, admiring the equitorial sunrise, a school of dolphins dropped by. Decided to use the video camera instead of the still and managed to get some good footage. Starting the day by saying hello to dolphins seems to be becoming a habit. They generally play around for about half hour or so before going their own way. The sunrises and sunsets close to the equator can be quite spectacular. The visibility is excellent, the sea appears flatter than usual and the sky is coloured with vibrant shades. A steady wind of between 10 to 15 kts through the day with a following sea meant Mhadei cruised along through the day on a beam reach with the Wind Vane auto pilot steering her. Even the squalls let us be today! Two of them did come close but passed us by without disturbing us. A grand breakfast of suji halwa, rice cooked with dried prawns and dal for lunch, soup and curried tuna for dinner all interspersed with helpings of the last of the fresh fruits and siestas after every meal! Can there be a better holiday! Its a beautiful night outside as I write, a bright moon, cool breeze, gentle sea, good music on the national service of AIR. I think I will sleep outside tonight, doze off watching the moon. Lets see how long these blissful days last since as we cross the equator and get into the trade winds, we will need to do some serious sailing in strong winds and big seas. But till then let us enjoy the moment! 


Abhijeet said...

hey dilip,

time flies... 10 days have passed already... unbelivable... it seems like you started couple of days back...

take care.


btw - nce shots of the sky

Atty said...

Dear Sir,
I wish to offer this poem as a tribute to your mission:

Alone on the blue grey meadows
Chasing the sky and cloudy shadows
An Indian sailor calm but confident
Heads to the oceans of Occident

In Mhadei he found his true love
Which with a grand o'l Admiral he hove
To spin the yarn of new adventure
From the land of Kanhoji start a novel venture

With the Navy backing him to the hilt
Strake by strake the dream was built
Off he went with her to the sea
God Bless!Lord Varuna will protect thee

Big kudos to the mariner brave
We cheer him in raptous ocatve
His passion will give him all the filip
Proud are we of our Commander Dilip

By Lieutenant Commander Yogesh Athavale


pracs said...

Hey congrats for te completion of the first milestone of 10 days, ya ya for you it might be nothing but for all of us (Indians-civilians) every move that you make is a historic event, a record in itself.

Hey can you post few photos of Mhadei, her frontal view, the sails and wana see more of you of course ...........
take care.................
we have given a direct link of your blog on our website

see you soon.......

Gaurav Pande said...

Sir can u paraphrase a typical day in ur voyage and the kind of chores u do in ur passage from morning to evening

DEEPAK said...

Hi Dilip,
The second ex echo to create history after Rajyavardhan Rathore... Wish you good winds and a smooth sail...
By the way who's going to preside over King Neptune's Court?
Wish you all the Best...will keep a track and would be waiting to meet you after almost 16 years...
Venduruthy was the last that we met when we were on our way to Kavaratti on seabird's


Indian Navy Solo Circumnavigation said...

Thanks Atty. Nice poem! I am blushing already!

Indian Navy Solo Circumnavigation said...

I will have to get out of the boat to get her frontal view! Trust me she is looking as preety as you last saw her, probably preetier with the daily rain wash. My face is also looking whiter by the day!

Indian Navy Solo Circumnavigation said...

Will try to write something though each day is quite different from the other. Also the day here is for 24 hrs not morning to evening!

Indian Navy Solo Circumnavigation said...

Hey Deepak there is still a long way to go. I have just about begin!Considering this will be my third crossing in as many months King Neptune will probably sigh and say,"You two! Not again!"

SIMON said...

Hi Dilip Sir,

Hope you are able to enjoy a Sunday routine today. Wish you fair winds and following seas

chatty said...

10 days ...first milestone ...cheers ...loved the shorts though ...awesome and very 'sea'sonal i must say old chap

Ratnakar said...

Hi Dilip,
You know , we (ratnakar and myself)no longer wait for the newspaper.
your blogs are much more interesting.WE are really proud of you.
Wish you fair winds and smooth sailing.

Kirpy said...

Great show Donde - I can imagine the adventure that your are going through - FANTASTIC.

take care and all the best

Ulhas Kirpekar (F/75)

Nandini said...

Hi! Your latest blog is positively poetic! Looking forward to the next one.


espee said...

Dear Dilip .. . As you chart your way South, we watch every school and every squall, with eagerness. All the best. You make us proud.

prabirgoswami said...

Dear Dilip you seem to be doing really good & creating a path for other adventure seekers to follow. Keep on and achieve your goal. Am following your path with admiration. Happy Ganesh Chaturthi.

samir said...

hi donde

have been following the blog but as usual on the silent mode. Must say it's pretty well written. Keep it up (blog as well as the 'spirits')


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