Monday, August 31, 2009

Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere

On the morning of 31 Aug 09 at 0848 hrs, Mhadei crossed in the Southern hemisphere at longitude 090 Deg 23' E! King Neptune who resides at the equator took one look at us and remarked,"You two! Not again!" This being our third crossing since May this year. Slightly North of the Equator the wind shifted to SSE making us head North East so it was time to tack and head SSW, a course we will maintain till almost 35 Deg South, then turn East for the home run to Fremantle. Looks like we found the South east trade winds right from the word go as we have been getting a steady breeze since morning. It takes us back to West a bit but atleast we are moving. What a change from the last 11 days! Both the wind and swell are against us so we are bouncing nicely but thats better than wallowing around in light winds and worrying about squalls. It was good to cross the line finally! Changing tack on a long passage involves certain lifestyle changes. For example for the last 11 days I was doing everything leaning to the right, now my leanings have shifted a distinct left! Not unlike our politicians I suppose! My galley being to the Port side and the boat leaning on the same side I could leave one odd cabinet open while cooking, this morning while preparing breakfast the contents tumbled out because the boat had started leaning to Starboard! While the doldrums near the equator drove us nuts with the squalls and shifty winds they also showed us some spectacular sunrises and sunsets. The beauty of the human mind is that the bad memories get erased quickly while the good ones stay on. So the bad weather is already a distant memory while the vividness of the sunrise on 30 Aug will remain in my head for a long time.


Nandini said...

Wow! Thats some view!

Rashmi said...

Dilip good show you are on track. The photos are awesome and breathtaking. We are with you and are there to support you, happy September, Bye, Yours, Ravi And Rashmi

pracs said...

Hey man this sailor is going to make all WRITERS PHOTOGRAPHERS AND Actors bankrupt soon as he comes back, you write so well, technical yet so simple where even a lay person like me can understand.You make it so interesting to read (***so u r te next best seller Mr sailor*****)

You are gona get all exclusive things to view, all first hand photographs(thanks to you; through your eyes we are gona get to see te real world-variations in sea/sky).

Ya and about acting you are a first take artist, perfect in dialogue divelery and good camera sense so you can definately get good roles like !!!! THe Guardian!!!!!
by Kevin Costner!

Hey take care, so proud of you........

tell tale said...

for crossing the line third time. pictures are amazing! we are waiting for some videos now- squall or no squall.

how did you celebrate? did you open a bottle of wine and cuban cigar? or just took a picture of the ECDIS?

- abhilash

Mandar & Nandini Karmarkar said...

Spectacular views...If you ever plan to take a crew sometime in the future on a similar expedition, count me in..I can cook reasonably well..

pallavi said...

Hey Dilip,

No words can describe how beautiful are the photos.It's a speechless.

Take care and Keep it up. !!

chatty said...

I never knew my friend was such a fantastic writer....the pics are awesome and stupendous

neha said...

Congratulations on your equator crossing! The views are spectacular!

Kirpy said...

Great pictures - simply amazing.

keep it up

Ulhas Kirpekar (F/75)

SATISH said...

Hi Sir!

We are following you.


SATISH said...

Hi Sir!



Vishal said...

Dear Sir

We are so proud of you; cliched but true! Your account is as/ more vivid and interesting than that of Moby Dick...

Your pictures are out of this world....

Watching you pass by far away from Mauritius..

Wish I could send the a/c once again... but you are rather far...

take care and all the best to you n the lovely lady

Vishal, bharti n madhullikaa

claytonia vices said...

lovely photographs!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,
great job, we all are proud of you
all the best
your old ANC friend
shekhar chopra SSO FIN