Friday, August 21, 2009

Late night post from Mhadei 21 Aug 09

Through the day I was becalmed, since 2100 cruising at over 9 kts in 20 kts of wind. There is a huge cloud mass on me almost moving with me and its pouring buckets outside. The rain screen designed by Abhilash and Ratnakar has already proved its worth keeping me and the insides of Mhadei dry. Looks like another long night ahead but atleast we are moving!
The Sausage Pulao was delicious and should keep me going through the night!


chatty said...

great that you crossed goa.. best wishes from my friends in US, Mrs Priya Philipose and the Ind Emb Russia

Rashmi said...

Well Done Dilip. We all are with you. Ravi and Rashmi

GS said...

Great going Buddy! Go on give us bragging rights! Cheers, Mundi

satish said...

Dear Donde sir
Great going.. All the best from Kochites
Cdr AN Satish

satish said...

Mayank bhardwaj (Ex Army 75th course NDA remembers u)

SIMON said...

Great going Donde sir. Our good wishes are with you.

C said...

Best of luck buddy
C Konwer

Sameer said...

Hi Donde,

Great to know that your efforts have finally borne fruit! Now you are finally off around the world. Bon voyage.

I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope you have crossed Goa now :) If not, then I know that I made the right choice by not volunteering for such activities :)

Have a safe trip.


Sameer Chopra

SUBIR said...

Hi Dilip,

Read your late night post of 21 Aug 09 and the ones prior to that.Great to know that you are doing fine. Check out my mail to you.

Wish you all the very best once again.


Badresh said...

Well done Dilip! Now that I've managed to access your blog, I'll be following your progress keenly. I'm Looking forward to seeing you in Cape Town. Best wishes. Bones

Traveller said...

Congratulations Buddy. The Nation is proud of You(and of course your girlfriend). We always knew your love for sailing beauties.Many more feathers in your cap.Happy Sailing for future too.