Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Land Ahoy after 18 days

Sighted Snares Islands, a small group of Islands and rocks at the Southern tip of New Zealand, this morning. Very barren, thanks to the harsh weather they are exposed to throughout the year, but teeming with bird life I am sure. Small wonder that they have been declared a wildlife reserve. So this is where the Albatrosses & Petrels that have been following me come to nest! Started heading North East after crossing the Islands, the first time we are heading North in this trip. The next time will be after rounding Cape Horn and all the way home!

          Good following breeze and seas today translating into good progress. The winds are expected to start heading and easing from tomorrow which will slow us down so trying to make as much progress as possible while they last.  Spent the better part of the day making list of work to be done during the stopover. Unlike Fremantle, the planned stop is for two weeks so will need to get the work done quickly. The sun came up nicely in the afternoon and it was nice to just sit out and watch the birds putting up magnificent displays of their flying skills. Another 300 Nm to go but with a forecast for light and head winds difficult to figure out if we will be able to cover the distance in two days and one night or will require two days & two nights.


koda sri vatsa said...

dear skipper , greetings from T66. Keep at it ! well tracing your journey.. sitting here .... time seems to fly. Wishing you many more strong winds in your sails. Even my s-coy is tracking your progress , they too feel proud to be associated with this historical event! Take care!

Nishant Philip said...

Dear Dilip,
Reading you blog over the past two and a half months has been interesting (5), cool (5), and funny (5). What would make it interesting (10), cool (10), and funny (10) is if you could connect a little more with the readers and answer some of those excellent queries they’ve stated.
It would be great to connect with you. I will be writing in more often with my queries. Congratulations on how well this amazing & very important adventure is going so far.(Almost there at new Zealand

Warmest Regards,

Vishrut said...

Great!! Enjoy the firm land under your feet for a while, honestly hitting land on your journey is like going home after a long stay in the hostel

manuhar said...

Hi Dilip,

Congrats for the extra ordinary feat that you are under taking - FIRST INDIAN et al ..... we are so proud of u !!!!!

My wife & kids join me in wishing all the best 0 we are sanguine that u shall come out with flying colours.