Sunday, November 8, 2009

One Week since Freo

          Completed one week since leaving Fremantle. I have found the first week to be the hardest to pass, letting go of the land ties, after that the days start passing faster. Unfortunately one needs to go through the first week afresh after every halt!

          Another calm day of sailing. Less than 20 kts of following breeze and a following sea making the boat move sedately, sometimes so much that one forgets that she is moving at all! Very glad that the preventer is working otherwise I would have been at my wit's end trying to stop the boom from thrashing about in these conditions!

          Watched a movie after dark and got out to see a nice starry sky. The first time in the past week! Can't sit out and admire it for too long though, due to the cold. Nice sunset earlier. Not often that you get to see the sun going down in the sea all the way!


Anonymous said...

Hi! sir,This is sky here. what's the next destination. your break at freemantle was really a long one.

SUBIR said...

Nice going.Got a lot of gen from Cdr. Puranik whom I met last week at Delhi. Is this your shortest leg. Take care and have fun.

Nishant Philip said...

Its great that this leg of the journey too seems to be going well. What movies do you watch? Maybe I could suggest some for you to pick up when you reach New Zealand!

pallavi said...

Gud pic !! Do send your pics hopefully not with a white beard

cmde rajeev said...

Hey Dilip - Good going and keep the white ensign flying high. Hope you are enjoying yourself.
Rajeev Sawhney