Thursday, January 28, 2010

Friends in Falklands

          It has been over a week since we reached Port Stanley and time seems to have flown by. The repairs are progressing well and looks like we will be able to sail out on 01 Feb as planned. A short sortie to test the autopilots this morning went off well except for the tricky coming alongside in gale force wind, which seem to to be a norm here rather than an exception! As mentioned in the last blog, we were in time to meet up with Ocean Watch of "Around Americas" fame and see them off on their next leg. The local populace here has been really understanding. Realizing that we were extremely short on time and couldn't do much sight seeing, some of them  decided to visit us and were captured on camera by my shutterbug crew Abhilash. Talking about friends, working in the harbour, my thoughts are often with Jessica, battling the South Atlantic Gales and nursing EPL from her knockdowns. In fact every time a gale passes over Stanley, more of a daily occurrence in the past few days, I tend to look up and tell the wind, " Hey! Ease up as you go, there is a brave girl sailing that way!" While Jesse was celebrating Australia day on 26 Jan talking to Kevin Rudd and screaming up the South Atlantic, me and my crew spent the 60 th Republic day of India by putting in a couple of hours of extra work to fix up my steering and the generator! I doubt how many know that the two countries celebrate these days together!                                       




RichieParis said...

Good evening, Commander Dilip,
Thank you for that nice post and for the great pictures!
We are happy to know that Mhadei's repairs are on their way and that you should leave Stanley next week, as planned. You look well rested and relaxed with your friends, and that's a good point before crossing the Atlantic.
And THANK YOU for all your kind thoughts and words for "Gutsy Jesse"!!! That is really heart warming, and I am sure she will be very happy to read your blog in a few hours, unless she already did it!
She went through a nightmarish storm the other day. From what you say, and what passageweather shows, the Falklands corner seems to be a gales' nest. Probably the place where whirling winds work, after the Andes barrier, to build fresh storms that run eastwards, where they have wide seas to pump and boats to torment.
I hope that you will be spared the same treatment our Jesse received! Once is enough!
Happy end of stay, Commander.
And belated Republic Day!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi guy!,

Happy to hear your autopilot problesh may be gone for good soon (and hopefully you're currently checking for the sea worthiness of every screw and nuts and bolts of the boat. Frankly, and quite commendable on your side, I was really worried about you --and your state of sleeplessness-- long before Cape Horn having to do it all the old fashion way … by hand!

Lovely of you to mention Jessica, team spirit sort of thing. To be honest, scared the sh*t out of me she being in a washer or a blender only that … she was inside the tube!, and could've easily paid w/ her life.

Lucky her being able to tell the story in a good piece of writing because I want to see the video of her coming home into Sidney harbor to a 21-gun salute if I could help it, as opposed to some big nasty fish salivating for tender Aussie meat for lunch. Was worried about some of her Centcom staying on top of things. What do you mean she wasn't warned about the upcoming wind speed, even ordered --yes ordered; in a way she's just the skipper. Central Command is still onshore back home-- to shift course abruptly as a result as to avoid/run away from the storm.

COMMS NOTE: Will be linking this post to Jessica's comments, as well as Abby's and Laura Dekker's site.




45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

नमस्ते Dilip & Mhadei,

आशा है कि आप को देखने के लिए जल्द ही समुद्र में!

खुश गणराज्य की 60 वीं वर्षगांठ!


Beverly, Tasmania said...

Greetings Cdr Donde!!! (Beverly here in Tasmania). So wonderful to hear from you. PICTURES ARE AWESOME!!! Is that Sea Lion on Mhadei or another yacht? Too cute that he/she jumped up and hitched a ride, he thinks, LOL. And the penguins and ducks - couple of my favorite little munchkins.

And you are so right, as usual! I, for one, was not aware that India and Australia shared the same special day on 26 Jan, Republic Day and Australia Day. Bet I won't forget that ever again. Each time we celebrate Australia Day down here, I will be thinking of you celebrating Republic Day over there.

How very gracious of you to mention Jessica in your blog and the fact that you think about her when storms are abrewin' shows a great comraderie on your part. Thank you for not forgetting our special "little girl".

Glad to see you did a practice sortie with Mhadei prior to taking off for the "wild blue" again. At least we do have a date now for the big event, 1 Feb. Have you stocked up Mhadei yet? Cans and cans of WD-40? Check! Gazillion and different sizes of nuts and bolts? Check! Super glue? Check! Duck Tape, lots? Check! Plenty of fresh food and re-stock of other foodstuffs? Check! Cdr all rested and raring to go? Check!

Well...seems like everything is in ship-shape order, just get a couple nights of really good sleep prior to the 1st and you'll be ready to take anything the Atlantic can dish out.

I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing you leave the Falklands and will be praying that EVERYTHING will be, and stay at, 100% the rest of your trip.

Remember GOD is right there on the Mhadei with you during your entire journey and I'm praying for your safety and peace of mind. Please stay clipped on. Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania


Rex said...

Thank you for the update, Dilip, and the great photos. Best wishes to you after you get on the way again. Have a good "sail". Glad to see that you are enjoying your land time at Stanley, and have made lots of new friends.

Rex Gibbons
Newfoundland, Canada

SaltyDog said...

Commander Donde,

Thanks for the update and also for educating those of us who didn’t know that Tuesday was Republic Day. Happy belated Republic Day, Dilip. I’m sure there were huge celebrations in New Delhi and across the country. I hope that you found time for some festivities to celebrate. Thanks so much for the photos. They definitely help bring your adventure to life for us.

As always, you certainly are the gentleman in showing your concern and support of Jessica. Obviously, Jessica won the hearts of so many since before she set sail on her journey. And you, Dilip, have gained the respect and support of so many of Jessica’s followers. I’m looking forward to your departure and wish you the best of luck on your next leg.

From Seattle, WA, USA

ET Gurl said...

Hi Dilip

Which pic is of you maybe the one with the flippers ha ha ha

ET Gurl said...

Hi Dilip

Sorry got you mixed up with someone else that one with the flippers is MJ from Brisbane ah thats better ha ha ha

hezakiah299 said...

01-27-22 22:50
Hi Dilip,
Thanks for the update, and the pictures that’s are a fine looking crew you have there.
Glad to see that you’ve got Mhadie back in seagoing shape, and you’ll be back on the high seas again.
That was nice of you, commenting on Jessica’s little problem (I say little because that’s the way she would look at it). She’s a strong girl, and she went through a lot. I hope you won’t be running into any of that kind of weather.
I like your sea lion especially when it is barking. LOL….
That is a nice assortment of little friends you have, anyone going with you?
Take care of yourself and sail true,
Safe travels and may God be with you.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

john said...

hi dilip great to stay in touch through your blog ... now i know a bit more about indian culture ... my 96 yo mum and i attended an australia day rock concert by a sunshine coast beach w. a couple of old time aussie rockers ... looked out to the ocean a couple of times and had the odd passing thought about you and jess over there on the otherside of our world ... keep doing good things ... john starlight

Evie from Bendigo said...

Hello Dilip
Happy Republic day. Glad to hear you will soon be on your way again and your repairs are nearly complete. I pray you do not suffer the fate Jessica endured. I wish smooth sailing and fair winds. Another young american has set sail on a solo trip around the world a few days ago will possibly experience some foul weather around the Cape as the season is progressing and storms are setting in.
Again good luck with your Atlantic crossing
Evie from Bendigo (Australia)

Susan said...

Hi Dilip,
I've been checking in everyday for any updates!
It's heart warming to sense the respect and caring you sailors have for each other, and in particular Jesse. With all of holding her (and you too) in our thoughts, I like to think it helps somehow! The trick down there seems to be getting north as quick as possible.

Like RichieParis pointed out, the bottom 1/3 of S. America likes to throw those big storms from her shores out to the ocean.

I just love all the photos. It brought smiles seeing the seal, and the penguins and all the aquatic wildlife hanging out!

Australia Day, Republic Day, and my birthday! I had no idea!

Godspeed northward.

Susan in Oregon

jungle said...

Commander Donde

It's good to hear everything is on schedule to get going again on the first of Feb. Better hurry if you want to catch Jesse again. I'm sure that it's a little special to have someone out there to communicate with that is going through the same trials you are.

Hoping for good winds and fair seas for you. God speed.

Phoenix Arizona

GlobeMasterOne said...

Hello Commander Dilip,

Great to hear from you and crew Abhilash. What a wonderful photo of you with the crew of Ocean Watch. I am sure you shared many stories. I checked out their very interesting website at which includes their mission and ports of call as follows:

Upcoming Port Calls

Puerto Montt, Chile - February 6-13

Valparaíso, Chile - February 17-24

Our Mission
"Around the Americas is a 25,000 mile sailing circumnavigation of the American continents with the mission of inspiring, educating and engaging the citizens of the Americas to protect our fragile oceans".
Your followers might like to check out the crew logs, photos and a live tracker.

Dilip I hope you can get underway soon. All the best to you and your new Falkland Islands friends.

Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada

Bob from Seattle said...

Hi Dilip,....Glad Mhadei is shipshape again and undoubtedly you are well rested and ready for leg number four. No more stops till home, right? Hope you have favorable weather and good luck!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. Best wishes for the next leg of your voyage.

Cobrarog said...

Well Commander, I am sure that your days ashore are passing quicker than you would like. But then, I am also sure you are anxious to get your adventure back under way.

Glad the shake down went well and all of the final touch ups are about finished.

We are all hopeful that you can dodge the bullets like our little darlin' Jessica took. What a trooper!

Looking forward to your onward voyage with very best wishes.
Cobrarog in Hervey Bay

JJ said...

Hi Dilip,

Enjoyed your photo's of your friends - you must introduce us more formally to them next time. Good luck for 1st Feb departure.

Take care,


SUBIR said...

Great pictures posted. Good to know that the repairs are going on well. I also understand that Ratnakar could not join up due to some goof up by you know who. Crazy. Anyway heard they are wondering how the efficacy of repairs can be established. This kind of thinking keeps them busy I guess. Anyway, get on with it and have a great time. You and Jessica will do fine - Varuna will watch for you.
Take care,

Jay said...

Hey ET Girl

Thought you were piss'n off. We all want you to.


Lalit said...

Dear Cdr Dilip

Thanks for the update and great photos. Guess out at sea a barking seal will make a better pet.

That's the oddest looking dolphin.
In the first pic it almost seems like a chopped off fish making way.

Glad to know that repairs are coming along well. I hope you can find some cycle tyre tubes in Falklands. They can be unbelievably handy in emergencies.

Gutsy Jess had a really bad luck out in the tub. Like you said around cape, prayers do work and she pulled out of it. Toughie sailor girl.

Now we have the pleasure of following ocean watch as well.

Dilip, please do get the beard trimmed before departure, lest it should become a hazard, getting stuck and entangled in all the wrong places.

Our prayers are with you, jessie and all the sailors out at sea.
Looking forward to next update with more pictures including those of Mhadei and the likes of Mummy Daddy ducks and penguins.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

you must have the seal of approval dont forget to duck good luck with the rest of your adventure
ian from mannering park

Anonymous said...

Comander Donde

Happy belated republic day!!!
Glad to hear repairs are going well. I just love your photos. Was that sea lion on mhadei? that would have been truly special.
Will be thinking of you on the 1st as you resume your trip.
Am praying that the weather will be kind to you as well as Jessica.
Will you catsh up to her again before you finally get home?

Deb (syd)

Sarah Cooper (Sydney Australia) said...

Hey Dilip. This is my first time posting on your blog but i have been reading since Jess mentioned you on her blog.

What kind words you have speaking of Jess! So a friendly soul you have!

I don't know if you've heard another young girl just took off from the USA 6 days ago. She is 16 as well.

It's so great seeing all ages going out and achieving their goals! Such inspirational people!

Good luck with the rest of your journey Dilip! I wish you well!

The McGraths said...

Hi Dilip,

We never would have known about Australia & India celebrating such special days. Fascinating stuff.

So glad that your repairs are sorted out now. The 01/02 sounds like a good day to set sail to me, fresh start for the month, so to speak.

We love the pictures too so thanks for including them.

All the best,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW

ET Gurl said...

Hi Jay

Your another little Jack Horner throttling away in te corner & i bet with your sister too ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,
With Jessica's Blog yours and now Abby's.
we have had to get up a extra half hour early to read all the posts.

We wish you all the best for thr remainder of your trip.

We love how all your trips have brought people together from all walks of life.

Steve, Diana Courtney & james
Sydney Australia

jowel said...

Hi Dilip,
Those wildlife pics are just gorgeous - especially the seal! I think most Victorian Aussies at least should know by now we share the 26th Jan with India's Republic Day. There was a lot of media attention about this. There was a wonderful concert in Melbourne to celebrate both India & Australia's national days. Before this year, though, I had no idea!

Hope those gales settle down for your next phase of the journey. Jessica did have a nasty patch so we'll keep you in our prayers when you set out. Keep yelling out to the 'man' upstairs for fair winds and moderate seas.

Jo-Anne, Geelong, Aus.

MJ from Brisbane said...

Hi Jay - With you on your thoughts re ET Gurl or whatever it is. My sincerest apoligies to Dilip ut this will be my last post re this pest and am sorry. The only reason it is back here is because I believe Abby and Jessica's blog comments would be filtered before they come through. That is why the little darling has not been kicked off here and hence returned. Let him go - It's all good research into how people think (or don't)!!

Anonymous said...

ET Gurl - give me your phone number or home address - love to catch up!!

kina said...

Hello Dilip,

a belated acknowledgment to you for the '60th Republic Day of India'. I know your thoughts would have been close to home that day. My apogies as my last post suggested you'd be on the water again on 02 Feb.
The locals seem like a very friendly people and take time to accomodate their visitors...a place worth visiting indeed.
Once again some great and interesting photos Dilip, tho I'm at a loss with the third pic down
Yes, Jesse has certainly had to weather the weather lately and has come thru it fairly well albeit a few dents and bruises. One determined young lady.
You may have a battle too from the get-go if these gales continue, but hoping you have a good run especially until you get to open and deeper waters. I presume like Jessica you will head north to try and avioid the baddest stuff.
Anyway Dilip, really looking forward to seeing you out there again and continuing your quest.
Good luck and safe sailing!

Ben (Qld)

Soren said...

Sorry for the intrusion - just so everybody knows - I have a strong feeling that ET Gurl just wrote his last post - here, or chez Jessica or chez Abby.

Ahhhh - back to "sailing".

Aish said...

Good evening, Commander Dilip. A new follower on board...Intresting posts n cool pics!! Have a great sail!!

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...


@ Susan,

Hapy birthday!

Vishrut said...

nice Beard!!!!

Just wanted to know when according to current plans due to expect to berth in Mumbai

rbelter1 said...

Thanks for more great pictures. Glad your repairs are going well. I commented to Jessica about her knockdowns that if I had been with I would have needed adult diapers. Good sailing to you and keep enjoying yourself. Bob in Tucson Arizona.

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...


Thank you.

Back to sailing.

nilma said...

:-) Hi Commander,

I enjoy reading your blog, its really interesting to know about places you visit ...and the adventures you face....
Its really nice of you to write about our Republic Day... remembering amongst your hectic stopover.
Wishing you another interesting and safe journey ahead.....


Bob from Seattle said...

Dilip,....Correcting myself from an above comment about this being your last leg, I seem to recall reading your next stop is Cape Town. So as we say in Falklandese......"Off to Capetown mighty sailors!".

ET Gurl said...

Hey MJ

You prefer your brother then to have a nice time with ha ha ha

Old Iron said...

Thanks for the photos!!

Trudy said...

Hello Commander Dilip,

happy belated Republic of India Day! Not having much to do with India before, I have to say to my embarrassment, I did not know India was a republic!
Austria, where I am from originally is also a Republic!

I am glad that your repairs are almost complete and you can continue your journey.

Thank you for thinking of Captain Jessica, your good and kind thoughts surely help and bring cheer to her.
She has an indomitable spirit!

The photos are great, I like the penguins. I have seen the fairy penguins come on shore on Phillip Island, Victoria, Australia.
It is magical!

Safe journey,

Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Dear Dilip,

Nice to read your news and to see the lovely photo's enclosed.
I had to Google on Republic Day of India. Did not know that India and Australia share the date.
I wish you all the best when you set off for Cape Town Feb. 1st, hopefully without hurricanes.
Regards from a wintry country.
Ingrid, Tyreso, Sweden

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,
Glad things are going well for you and was pleased you didn't have to go through the storm Jessica did.
Great pictures.
Look forward to reading that you are back at sea.

Kath, Qld, Australia said...

Hi Dilip,
love the pictures. Good luck on the next leg of your journey.

workerbev said...

Morning/Night Cdr Donde: (Beverly here in Tasmania). Well Sir, the countdown is on, so to say, 3 sleeps and then it's off to the "big blue". I'll bet you have mixed feelings - the Falklanders being so nice & friendly, but... the adventures of the unknown out there calling you. Go get 'em Cdr!!

Ian from Mannering Park - oh man, you are GOOD! Loved your pun on words, very funny. Gave me a big smile for today. Thank you!

Well Cdr, stay safe, stay clipped on (and make sure your beard doesn't get caught in anything as one blogger commented). Remember GOD is with you all the time during your journey, just call on Him whenever...He hears your very heart. Be safe and sail straight and I hope all the problems are now behind you. Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania


Anonymous said...

hi Dilip

Congratulations and happy sailing! .. I'm confused though, would you, or someone here be able to clarify ... if this is a solo circumnavigation, why do you have a photo of, and talk about your crew, or is this tongue-in-cheek?

Thanks, have a great day!

Cazz, Sydney.

Marg said...

So good to hear from you! You have been in my thoughts and prayers.
Best of luck with the next stage of your journey.
It is so lovely to know that Jessica is in your thoughts also.
Thank you for all the lovely photos you have posted.
So nice that Australia and India share a special date.
Cooroy, Queensland

Anonymous said...

It's great to follow your progress Dilip, and your photos are fantastic. Best wishes V&L QLD Aus

Toni McLean said...

Wow, lovely to have a catch up from you Dilip. Look forward to hearing of a happy departure on 1st Feb. Thanks for the piccies. They're just fantastic - surely the seal was posed for that one! Or do they just hang out on the rigging for fun?

When I lived in Papua New Guinea on our yacht we used to have visits from time to time from various water dragons. They sometimes liked to lie along the boom.

It's nice that you think of Jesse. She is brave isn't she. As is young Abby Sunderland, from the US, having just set out for her own circumnavigation.

Happy Republic Day. Unfortunately at the moment, as you possibly know, there are some tensions between Aust. and India, which is a pity. Maybe cricket can save the day for us!

Good luck with the chores.


dave on seren said...

Hi Dilip,

Thanks for the update. Keep the photos coming. The ones you posted are awesome.

Thanks again,


Christopher at Runaway Bay said...

Gidday Dilip and Crew,

Glad to hear your repairs are progressing well - it can sometimes be very difficult fixing things in out of the way places like the Falklind Islands. Some of the crew can be difficult in places like that, especially the one sitting on the stern who looks remarkably like a seal.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all back in the South Atlantic and sailing again screaming along in those big Southern lows.

As always, the best of luck with all the electical gear.

Christopher Woulfe

Jonathan@Tooradin said...

Hi Dilip,

Very nice pictures. Thanks for remembering Jess so often but then again, along with Jess, you belong to an exceptional and brave group of individuals. So it stands to reason that the both of you would have a keen interest in how the other is progressing.

Good luck and fair winds Commander.


hezakiah299 said...

01-29-10 21:32
Hi Dilip,
Every time I look at that picture I have to laugh, just a bunch of guys having a good time and probably swapping tales. FRIENDS, you can never have to many.
I guess the time is drawing near for your departure, you probably have mixed emotions about that. Leaving friends, but hitting the high seas. But that’s that many more friends that you have in the world.
I hope that Mhadie is in good shape for you and that you have a smooth, and trouble free sail ahead of you Dilip.
Don’t forget the WD40, lol…….
Looking forward to your next post.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,

Gorgeous photos of the wildlife in the Falklands. The seal and penguins are so cute.

I hope that all goes well with your departure on the 1 February Dilip. Sounds like Mhadei is almost ready to set sail.

I didn't realise that Australia Day was on the same day as Indian Republic Day. Thanks for your interesting bit of info.

Yes, I have been doing the same Dilip, having a chat with the weatherman and asking that Jesse doesn't have any of those nasty storms again. I also wish the same for yourself and Abby Sunderland.

Have you been in touch with Abby Sunderland? She got away okay and seems to be settling in to a routine, although still not sleeping that much. I guess you get in to a pattern of interrupted sleep. I don't know how you manage to survive on broken sleep. I think I would be so grumpy if that was me. It must be great at the moment being on dry land and knowing that you won't be woken at any moment to check on your boat.

Safe sailing Dilip and thanks so much for keeping us all posted.

With warmest wishes and kindest regards. Jan Pace (Auckland, New Zealand)

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Commander,

I thoroughly enjoyed the update and the photographs were great. Quite a beard you are sporting now!

It will be good to finally have you moving again and I am sure that the protracted repairs in the Falklands have presented their share of frustrations.

But it sounds as if this will be behind you soon.

Thanks for your comments regarding Jessica. What she went through in the storm and the four knockdowns was simply mind boggling.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Amol said...

Hi Dilip,

The photos are great. Wishing you the best for the next leg of your voyage.

Connie said...

Love your pictures. They're beautiful. Hope all the repairs go well.

Zander said...

‘Never-Say-Die’ Saito restarts his record circumnavigation
Japanese yachtsman, 76, sets off once more at Cape Horn

RichieParis said...

Thinking of you, Commander Dilip!
Is Mhadei fit and ready to surf?
Departure from Stanley... tomorrow, or Tuesday?
We wish you fair winds and the best Atalantic crossing to Capetown!

Attri said...

Dear Cdr. Dilip

Wishing you, and your crew, all the best for your departure from Falklands.

We the mariners, will really appreciate your and your follower's prayers for illegally detained sailors from India, Bangladesh and Phillipines in Taiwan, in case of M.T. Tosa since April 2009. Their fate is going to be decided in a couple of days.

We pray, you sail fair weather and favourable winds and catch up with the " gutsy gal" , "Tough Cookie" ( great gift from Mom), " Toughie sailor girl" jessica to cheer her on her greatest adventure.

May King Neptune keep you all sailors braving the sea, very safe.

Bon Voyage
TSRajendra 80-81 ( All 244 of us )

workerbev said...

Hello Cdr Donde! (Beverly here in Tasmania) is 1 Feb here in Tassie, I don't know your exact date there in the Falklands. All I know is it is D-DAY or S-DAY (sail-day) I believe. Shove off and go for it. I'm right there beside you, can't you feel me pushing Mhadei out into the blue, blue neverland? I wish you all the best on this next stage of your journey.

Remember GOD is with you every second of every day. I will also pray for all the sailors held in detention for some reason or another as per the request of "Attri" and all 244 of "them".

You are in our thoughts all the time. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania


SUBIR said...

Hi Dilip,
You must be either already on your way by now or close to your ETD. Good luck and hope to see you soon.
Some good news. We are set to launch the first Survey Vessel (Cat) tomorrow. Will keep you posted.

Charles Dodgson said...

G'day Dilip,
Happy Republic Day. There has been an awful lot of stuff about Australian/Indian relations lately and I think it is great when anyone takes the time to talk about the positives.

chatty said...

hi ..sailed out??

Anonymous said...

Hi Cdr. Donde!

Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

I wish you the best in your trip back home.


Marina from Turin

hezakiah299 said...

02-01-10 @ 17:40
Hi Dilip,
Well, it looks like that time is about on you now, or have you already left. Either way, I just wanted to wish you happy and safe sailing, and may the wind gods fill your sails.
Good luck to you Dilip.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

SaltyDog said...

Commander Donde,

I suppose that by now you have shoved off and are getting back into your routine at sea. I imagine your time at Port Stanley really recharged your batteries. Best of luck on your next leg, Dilip. Next stop, Cape Town.

From Seattle, WA, USA

kina said...

Hello again Dilip,

Feb2 and I would guess you to have restarted your journey with Mhadei and crew with everything ship-shape and good to go. Tomorrow
(wed) looks a particularly nasty one so be careful out there and the best of luck.
Safe sailing Dilip!

Ben (Qld)

Roger H. Werner said...

Great photos and glad you made it to Falklands are affecting repairs. I'd like to see the Falklands. It's one of those out of theway places (and they have terrific stamps!!). Good luck on the next leg of your trip