Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Past the Horn!

 Mhadei crossed the Horn at about 1500 GMT on 12 Jan in a howling gale that seems to be going from bad to worse! Presently trying to maintain a NE course. More later.......


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Vishrut Garg said...

Great Going

RichieParis said...

Congratulations, Commander Dilip!
3333333>>>>>> you must be busyyyyy
Keep on shape and good ride to Stanley!

bengt said...

Congratulations! The major milestone along the route, and the most famous and infamous place on the world seas! It is like climbing the Everest, a great achievement, but you must get back home also. I wish you good sailing!

/Bengt "Ben" Larsson, Gothenburg, Sweden

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

नमस्ते Dilip & Mahdei,

Sensational going!Stand fast!


jwb777 said...

THX for that SUPER bit of news! Congratulations --major accomplishment achieved! I'm certain you are glad to have the Cape at your back!

Know the Falklands will bring a welcomed and much deserved respite!


Janell in Oklahoma, USA

Expat OZy Spain said...

Congratulations and Well done.
We most appreciate you taking time out in difficult conditions (I cant imagine even imagine) to updates us. Our thoughts are with you.
John Alicante, Spain

Anonymous said...

Well done Commander Dilip! Stay safe the rest of the journey.

Dave D said...

Well Done, Congratulations. Not long now till you get to the Faulklands. You must of past Jessica as she dosen't get there untill Thursday morning (AEDT).
Dave Dawson. Manurewa - New Zealand.

CPO USN (ret) said...

Great Going Commander!

Rogr H. Werner said...

Great going! Probably too poor visibility to have made sight of Jessica Watson. Hope the weather wasn't to horrendous!!

Georgia Guy said...

Hi Commander,

WOW - you must have been really barreling along the past 24 hours.

Please give us additional updates as and when you can.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Max said...

Congratulations Commander Dilip, we look forward to hearing more details of your passing Cape Horn when the weather settles down a bit. No sign of Jesse along the way ??
Cheers from Faye and Max (Mulgrave Vic Aus)

Llew said...

Congratulations Commander. Good work! Any sign of Jessica?
- Llew, New Zealand

Critical Alpha said...

Well done, it's such a real as well as a psychological "Everest" that it must be great to have knocked it off. I hope this system moves through soon and conditions start to ease.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Yihaw and Congrats.

Sail on,
Kathy Bend, OR USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dilip! I've been reading about Cape Horn and its difficulties. Jessica's fans are all very proud of you and your efforts.

Thanks for keeping us informed.

Jen of Adelaide, Australia

Kath, Qld said...

Woohoo Dilip,
CONGRATULATIONS! What a fantastic achievement.
Stay safe.X.

Marg said...

Congratulations - a wonderful achievement.

Just the thought of you working the vessel alone in those howling gales and turbulent seas fills me with awe.

Safe passage and enjoy the moment when you can.

Brian Lodge, Lyttelton said...

From a very calm Lyttelton Harbour the town of Lyttelton sends hearty congratulations on a job well done.

Susan said...

Congratulations! Wow... you've been really flying along.
It's amazing what you are doing, and even more so with your equipment troubles.
Since the gale was strong and getting stronger, were you able to see the cape at all?
Stay safe! I'm happy for you that you don't have much further to go before repairs, and rest! Hang in there.

Susan in Oregon

chris coles-morales said...

Congratulations... I hope that your steering doesn't take too long and you are back on the sea again.

Bob from Seattle said...

Way to go Dilip, you are quite a sailor. I'm sure you are bursting with pride.

Toni McLean said...

That's fantastic Dilip. Thanks for taking the time to update us in the middle of difficult conditions. Congratulations on your great effort. Look forward to hearing more when things settle down a little.

Anonymous said...

My Congratulations Dilip!
Good work. You must have had very good winds, passing Jessica.
Sale on safe towards the Falklands.
Ingrid, Sweden

Bluefin said...

Congratulations Dilip!

You have climbed the Everest of the Seas. Incredible achievement.

I hope you have a good rest in Stanley.

Bluefin, Buderim, Queensland.

peter said...

Well done...clear of the cape....all the best for the rest of your trip.

Mary said...

Congratulations, Cdr.Donde!!
Godspeed to you!
Mary, Maine, USA

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done Commander Donde.
From Arnold van Cauwenberghe.

Jonathan@Tooradin said...

Hi Dilip,

Congratulations ! Well done albeit a few sore muscles and sleep deprivation.

Hope you are able to get all your maintenance and repairs done at your next stop.


moffa said...

Impressive is just the very first name.I just noticed that Jessica are just a little bit far a way for an eyesight.

Fair wind from Sweden

Anonymous said...

Commander Dilip Congradulations on your brilliant acomplishment rounding Cape Horn wish you well ! hope your voyage to the Faulklands will be smoothe sailing ! Cheers !

ET Gurl said...

Hey Dilip

I knew you would take my advise eating all that hot Currie i bet you gorged yourself hey & made plenty of that Natural Wind just to beat Jess around the Horn its a lot better than taking laxcettes hey cause i dont think you would have enough crap paper on board mmmmm

Old Iron said...


Received your update and Jessica Watson's at the same time.

Also, keeping and eye Abby Sunderland.

Stay safe!


JJ said...

Fantastic news Dilip!

Stay safe please.


Dan said...

Dear Commander Donde

Wow, what a wild ride, and what a great boat. Go Go Goa!

I have to say that I am a little disappointed that you beat Jessica by the cape. I was dreaming of you two sailing through the passage together on a clear day and getting a picture of each other, but alas, not to be.

So glad to hear you are on your way to the Falklands and the prospect of getting a break and those auto pilots bolted back down.

Stay safe. We'll be waiting for your next report.

Portland, Oregon, USA

Marg said...

Stay safe!
Cooroy, Australia

SaltyDog said...

Commander Donde,

We have all been watching Jessica’s progress toward the Cape thinking that you would follow right behind her. And now we hear that you already have made it around. You certainly deserve congratulations in the grandest way. What a tremendous accomplishment, Dilip, and I toast this milestone. I realize that you’re going through some challenging weather right now, but I look forward to your next update when conditions moderate a bit.

Commander, you are an officer AND a gentleman……

From Seattle, WA, USA

Richard in Maryland said...

Congrats Dilip,

You must really be surfin !
Here's a link to some really great surf music from the legendary Dick Dale and Stevie Ray Vaughn !


You must be crankin to blow by Jesse like that!

You know what they always say, when there's two sailboats going somewhere, there's always a race!

Richard W

Anonymous said...

Hello Dilip!

My class and I have been following Jessica's blog and we just read that you beat her around the cape... that was sneaky of you!

Congratulations for rounding the Horn and we hope you enjoy your rest stop at the Falkland Islands.

Paul (& the Grade 2 Killer Whales)

PS We hope to move our (Jessica's) Little Pink Sail Boat around the cape on our world map tomorrow... would you like us to put up a blue sail boat for you?

nutralady2001 said...

Congrats Commander Dilip on passing the Horn ! Jesse is hoping to do it tomorrow.Her parents are over there and hoping to do a flyover and the Chilean and Argetinian Navy also have ships in the area to send her greetings. She said you are heading to the Falkalnds for repairs? Hope it all goes well.

Aus said...

Well that was a suprise!!
How could you be so far behind then beat her round past it?

Glad you are round it safely and hope you get your boat fixed OK.

Seth G said...

Congratulations! Fantiastic!!!!

Fair winds from Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

Congratulations rounding Cape Horn!Surprised you sailed by Capt'n Jesse that quickly. I had this vision of seeing a photo of Ella's Pink Lady off in the distance! Keep us posted. Bob and Charlene,florida

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on rounding the cape, Commander! Wonderful achievment. It's amazing what a little WD40 can do. Good luck the rest of the way. Alfred
Vancouver, Canada

Rashmi said...

Well Done, I am sure you will uphold the flag. Good Work.

Lesley Carew said...

The biggest Congratulations to you Dilip you have made it, well done!!! hope you took plenty of photo's... would love to see you post some if you did. This is such a great achievement for you, your family must be very proud of you. Onwards and upwards all the best for the trip to the Faulklands. Keep us posted on your progress, bye for now Lesley , Townsville Australia

hezakiah299 said...

01-12-09 @ 20:40
Hi Dilip,
Thanks for the up-date:
Congratulations, on getting around the Horn, I hope you've got things under control, sounds like it's getting pretty rough out there.
Hang in there and bring Mhadei home. I hope you don't have any problems while you're going thru them gales. Good to see that you'll be able to make it into shore pretty soon for those repairs.
Looking forward to hearing more about that portion of your trip.
Of course by now you know that Jessica is still pounding away and will be around the Horn shortly, God Bless Her.
Take care Dilip, and get yourself some good R&R while you're in port.
Safe sailing to you and be careful.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,
Congratulations on making it around the Horn. Hope the weather has improved and you soon pull into Port and have a well earned rest while repairs are made.
All the best,

John in the US Virgin Islands said...

Congratulations Captain! So impressed and proydbof you. How did you get past Jesse? Did you see her or other boats?

Meera said...

Dear Dilip, As we heard this we celebrated the occasion along with mami with her delicious Gulachipoli. We know the winds are too strong, so is your will. All the very best.

Miloodada and all

Rex said...

Well done, Dilip. Congrats.

Rex Gibbons
Newfoundland, Canada

Cobrarog said...

Congratulations Dilip!
My you must have been flying for the last couple of days. Too bad you and Jessica couldn't have made visual contact when you flew by.
Oh well, very best wishes and good luck from here to Pt. Stanley and getting all of the required repairs along with much deserved rest.
Looking forward to your onward journey.

Vaibhav said...

Congratulations Sir!
Wish you safe sailing and good winds for moving in the desired direction!

inbetweentheday said...

congras commander

I always like reading your blog since jessia mention you.

Godd Luck

Richie Rich (San Jose, Calif. USA)

Shri said...


Great job! Congratulations from California! We eagerly wait for your next blog. You will be in Falkland Islands in few days. Crossing Cape Horn, wow, what a great achievement!


Carol Florida U.S.A. said...

Congratulations, Commander Donde! What a wonderful accomplishment. Prayers were answered when you got 'round the horn safely, and we'll say more tonight for your safe return to your home port!

Sounds like the conditions were pretty demanding, but you handled it, and are now on the protected side of South America. Should be much better now!

Have continuing safe sailing, like Jessica, we hope that you stay clipped on, and wear your life jacket at all times.

Way to go!!!!!

Carol Florida U.S.A.

ET Gurl said...

Hey Dilip

Now we know you love a WILD ride thats very interesting so what do you take for that mmmmmmmmmm

Susan said...

I'll be toasting Jesse with a cup of hot chocolate... but here's a toast to you with a cup of chai!

Susan in Oregon

Evie from Bendigo said...

Congratulations what an exciting achievment Safe journey
Evie from Bendigo

GlobeMasterOne said...

Commander Donde,

Congratulations Dilip from Canada on your great achievement of rounding the cape.

I am sure your home country is proud of you and awaiting your safe return.

With the greatest respect
Bay of Quinte, Lake Ontario, Canada eh!

Scott said...

Congratulations! Good luck getting to Stanley safely.

Scott, Denver, Colorado, USA

Anonymous said...

way to go there Capt'... but keep you head a bove the water now.. take heeth of what's about you... stay strong... keep goin'..and God speed... keep a look out for Jess' she's out there to..

One more to go, then your on your way home and free'.......


Surabhi said...

the winds really take care!!!!
Wish u luck from all of us!!

Rose Perignon said...

Congratulations and best wishes for a safe journey home!

Anonymous said...

Well done,sir

workerbev said...

Cdr Donde (Beverly here in Tassie)
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S ! ! !
I'm soooo proud of you. You must have been flying because you were 90nm from Jessica, now you are past her, around Cape Horn and on to Port Stanley. What a man!

I know you enjoyed the weather, you need the challenges. You can't just float around the world, you have to sail. Good onya! What an accomplishment. I hope that more of your countrymen and government sit up and take notice now!

God be with you as you go on to Port Stanley and much needed repairs for Mhadei and rest for you.

Remember, please update us all while you are on land - we will definitely miss you until we hear from you again. How long are you in port for?

Have a great landing and enjoy basking in the limelight. Cheers for you! Beverly Penney, Tasmania

Anonymous said...

onya mate good luck cobber

SUBIR said...

Hi Dilip,
1. Congratulations. Another milestone crossed and closer to he next port.
2. After the calm there is always the storm and vice-versa. This gale too will blow away and lead to calmer weather.
3. Jessica is just behind you and doing well, I hear.
Good luck to both of you,

Peter Stockwell said...

Well done. The mountain is climbed. Say safe on the long passage home and have a good rest in Stanley.

Peter Stockwell (UK)

Sven said...

Dear Dilip Donde,

thanks for the good news and congratulations!

That was a fast rounding of the cape, you've probably sprayed some WD40 on Mhadei's keel ;)

Stay safe!

Take care,
Sven, Hamburg (Germany)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Cdr. Donde!

It is a great accomplishment! we are proud of you.

Best wishes!

Marina from Turin

Sucheta Jadhav said...

Awesome Dilip, great going!

tashworth said...

Congratulations, Dilip.
It doesn't matter whether it's Slocum in 1895 or Donde in 2010, big seas are still big seas!
Hope you can rest up a bit in the Falklands.
Best wishes,
Tony, Brisbane.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Commander Dilip!!!!! Keep Up the good work. Godspeed

Richard, Tallahassee, Fl USA

Anonymous said...

For ET Gurl,

Hardly appropriate comments for this posting. You talked of the same "crap" on Jesse's blog. Where is your head at??


Phillipa said...

You guys down there are awesome - fearless and so excited about the vast sea. I lived on a boat for 11 years, cruised 33,000nm, but nowhere near as hard as what you are doing. Enjoy every moment - they are precious and you are living the dream of millions.
I am sure you are looking forward to getting that steering fixed.
Take care, live big and dream even bigger.
Pippa in Sydney

The McGraths said...

Congratulations Dilip,

My family and I are very happy for you. We do hope you can get your repairs organised quickly.

All the very best.

The McGraths, Nowra NSW Australia

Commodore said...

Congrats! Sail safe and fair winds ahead

John F said...

Hi Dilip,


Heres to getting to port so that you can undertake your repairs!

Best Wishes,

John F
Brisbane AUS.

chatty said...

wow ... i am thrilled and speechless... CONGRATs buddy we are soo so proud of u...

workerbev said...

Cdr Donde, just in case you hadn't heard yet, yeah right, the WORLD knows. Jessica made it through Cape Horn and is on the other side now. How wonderful is that? Now both of you have achieved part of your dreams, the hardest, most significant part. Congratulations to you both!!! You are both made of some wonderful stuff.

God bless you and stay with you during the rest of your journey.
Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

Anonymous said...

congrats Dilip,

one more of the Jessica fans.

Some mey be tempted to compare your feet with Jess's, but coming from India, I know, the sort of challenges you must have faced to get here.

great show SIR.



Aus said...

Well Jess made it tonight (Aust eastern standard time) at 8.40pm Jess did her rounding of the horn!!

Keep an eye out for her....she's heading up towards the Falklands way now too .

kina said...

A huge congrats Dilip on reaching this significant milestone. A toast to you, Mhadei and the crew
...cheers! Take good care in that nasty stuff and a safe passage to Port Stanley.

Jessica too is rounding Cape Horn
as I write.

Once again Dilip...

Ben (Qld)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Commander Dilip!
This is Trudy from Austria/Australia, one of Jessica's fans and yours!
I have been reading your posts, but have not commented!
All the very best in your journey to the Falklands and may the steering be repaired speedily, so you can continue!
Trudy, Austria/Australia

Anonymous said...

Dilip - I work in the communications team at Inmarsat and as you have FleetBroadband installed I would like to write a story about your solo circumnavigation for our Ocean Voice ezine. If you are happy to take part, please let me have your email address and I will send over some questions. Good luck!

pranay said...

Hi Dilip
Congratulations, Wish you happy Sankranti,

pranay chouhan

Anonymous said...

Congrats Dilip You are a Legend wishing you allt he ebst at the Falklands and hope you ahve a good rest and clsoe teh issues you ahve been having.

Dilip please Post some Pictures on your Blof it makes reading Exciting .

And please do take some rest before you begin your journey back again and keep us posted


Romagirl said...

Congratulations, Dilip!

Anonymous said...

Sincere congratulations Dilip - an achievement of great significance. Hope your repairs go well!
Another Aussie fan

Wayne said...

Congratulations Commander Dilip!! Well done. Stop by the S/V Ocean Watch as they just pulled into Port Stanley also. I've have been following both of your voyages with interest.

veena said...

congrats dilip
that's a great achievement
keep going

veena said...

congrats dilip
brilliant. a stupendous achievement
we are proud of you
keep going

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and your ship Commander Dilip, trust your visit to Port Stanley goes well for you

Kevmeister / Perth


Commander -


zoom zoom

Gayle Ann

Dukehaus said...

Ahoy Dilip! A hearty and heartfelt congratulations to you for this monumental feat! Well done and under especially tough conditions...hope you at least got a glimpse of the Cape. Best of luck on the ride to Stanley and we look forward to hearing from you again when you get a chance!

Kim & Bill
Cheyenne, Wyoming, USA

Sueby said...

Congratulations - savour the moment - hope the winds ease for you at this stage

Jony the Pony said...

Hi Admiral Didl,
great job!
We are basking in your glorious deeds. W
ith expectant anticipation we are considering your illustrous future achievements ahead!
Keep up them dodgers,
Jony the Pony

Lesley Carew said...

Hi there,
Jess has rounded the Cape.. news this morning on all the radio stations!! you entering some bad weather, take care we all rooting for you. Keep warm and safe... speak to you soon, regards, Lesley, Townsville , OZ

David said...

Congratulations from the UK C. Dilip on rounding the Horn!
I wish you safe passage to Stanley and I am sure you will have a warm welcome.
Hope you can keep blogging from the Quayside.


Rebecca said...

Congratulations, Commander Donde!

Thank you for sharing the great news. All over the world we applaud your amazing accomplishment and tenacious spirit. Good luck on the rest of your journey!

Rebecca in California

Serendipity said...

Congratulations Dilip! A wonderful achievement - you must be so proud! You & Jessica are now part of a VERY exclusive club & deservedly so. You are both exceptional human beings. No doubt you will be relieved to get to the Falklands for a breather & some necessary repairs. Enjoy this downtime & when you get the chance try & give us some details as to the conditions when you rounded the Cape & how you handled it - fascinating stuff for a non sailor like me. Good luck on your journey Dilip - I will be following you with interest. Maurie - Sydney, Down Under.

hezakiah299 said...

01-13-10 @ 16:53
Hi Dilip,
Congrats again. I hope everything is going well for you. It's about time that guy left you alone.(no names)Yeah, you must have been flying. I had a good laugh when I read where Sven suggested that you put some WD40 on Mhadei's keel. That was good.
Well Dilip, I hope you'll get some time to let us know how things went thru the gales.
Take care, and get yourself some good R&R while you're in port.
Safe sailing to you and be careful.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

RP said...

Congrats, Dada!! Keep it up. Eager to hear that you reached safely at Falkland Islands.

samurai said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Cdr Dilip Donde and Mahdei on a fantastic achievement. Well done! It couldn't have been easy with the weather you had. You are an excellent seaman and indeed, an officer and a gentleman. I hope you will be able to grab a decent rest, a bellyfull of goodness and that everything goes well for you in Port Stanley.
I hope you like my tribute to you and don't mind the little plug for WD40 and Duct Tape in the corner. :-))
Take good care of yourself and bye for now...Sam

ET Gurl said...

Hey there Dilip

Now another question lets say do you wear a turbin or do you prefer ear warmers ha ha ha

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

Dilip, with your permission:

"Anonymous said...

For ET Gurl,

Hardly appropriate comments for this posting. You talked of the same "crap" on Jesse's blog. Where is your head at??

J&J "

I agree. And the word is scatology.

Thank you Dilip

Anonymous said...

Great going Dilip - All the best.

Ulhas Kirpekar (F/75)

cloudburst said...

sending along some virtual til gud for makar sankranti.... cheers.....

Anonymous said...





Christopher at Runaway Bay said...

I'm breathing a sigh of relief that both of you, Dilip and Jessica, are safely around the Horn. I'm always nervous whenever anyone says they're off round the Horn. When I was a schoolboy (which is now a long time ago), a sailor down there near the Horn was pitch-poled end-to-end three times in succession - and survived. Whenever I hear sailing and Horn together, I think of that. On a more positive note, I hope you had a break in the weather one night to see the Magellanic Clouds, our closest satellite galaxy to the Milky Way. There's no better place to see them. I wish you fair sailing. Christopher

samir said...


Great going, keep it up and hope your girlfriend joins you in Port Stanely

DS Pathania said...

Bravo Zullu. if i may say so & Good luck for overcoming gale that seems to be bothering you. Hope to hear more soon. Jai Ho

pracs said...

Hey Buddy,

A warm hug to you bravo!!!!!!, right in Goa the most difficult phase that we had discussed has been achieved. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Makar Sankrant, in that freezing cold you need to have a "til gul"
Have a safe path, miss you.

Anonymous said...

have been a reader only until now. i love reading of your and Jessica's traveling. So very interesting. Good luck on the rest of your journey, here's hoping no more parts trouble and smoother sailing from here on out!

carol in the usa

Ashworth said...

Comm Dilip,
I have been following you for sometime now. With you rounding the cape, you are surely on your way home. We wish you luck and hope you continue to have a safe journey.
Capt Jim
Lil Provo
New Jersey

workerbev said...

Dear Cdr Donde - (Beverly here in Tasmania) You are really getting up there on numbers of posts - 116 last count. Guess you will have a bit of "light" reading soon. I'm wondering what your weather is like now that you have done the Horn. I certainly hope it has calmed down a bit.

I just keep picturing you, knowing that you "were" 90nm behind Jessica, just slamming through the waters. I can see The Mhadei screaming through those 3-5mtr waves and the wind at your back. I do feel a bit bad that you had to be doing the steering, but hey, you are a Naval Diver so I believe I can say without reservation, that you can handle just about anything.

I don't imagine with the weather like it was that you were able to get many pictures. If you did, when you have time, you know that ALL of us would love to see them posted! You have been a naughty sailor because you haven't posted pics in a loooooong time. We, your loyal "armchair" fans love pics as they allow us to become one with you as you are out there in the elements doing what you love.

I do wonder why though, based on a comment from a friend of yours in India, why sailing isn't liked so much. Sorry if that is getting a bit personal or political, but it is a question I have on my mind and I've never been known for keeping my questions, opinions, or thoughts to myself. LOL. Sometimes I do get into a bit of hot water, sometimes I don't. I try to be responsible when I blurt out things - I've lived in enough countries with the US Air Force to be sensitive to different cultures. Ha, have to be, I'm an American, married to a Kiwi (New Zealand), living in Tasmania (Australia). Gotta be on my toes all the time.

So, now that you are headed to Port Stanley, how long will you be in port? The S/V Ocean Watch is in port there now. They are part of the "Around the Americas" voyage. I sure hope you get to meet with them (I believe they are going in the opposite direction than you are). It would be really fun to compare notes.

Well, getting long-winded (again as always) :-)) so I'll close this novel for the time being. God be with you as you continue on your journey. {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania (

P.S. My verification word is "extra" as in extra words??? Cheers

Anonymous said...

I'd been watching the weather before and after the horn for a few weeks, and know you have gone through some intense storms, the kind the southern ocean is known for, and you did it without steering help. You were flying to have gotten around the horn as fast as you did, and in the storms you weathered. WOW - VERY impressive.
It's a few days later now, so you must be closing in on the Falklands, if you're not already there! The weather is looking much calmer, so I hope you have been able to get much awaited and well earned rest.
Thank you for sharing your journey.

Ranen said...

Captain Dilip...3 cheers....I know you are fighting hard...but u should have some kind of memorable fun buddy.......

Ranen said...

You are reminding me Mexico offence plz.....Falklands always remind me tension bet Brit and argentina ...and during Mexico 86, as we knew, Argentina played against England- there was issue of Falklands at that time, and we also know God's hand from Maradona....then the other Goal of the century...Captain Dilip, u r making me proud......keep fighting...Mumbai is not very far for u....

hezakiah299 said...

01-15-10 @00:55
Hi Dilip,
Just checking in on you to see how things are going, seems like long time no hear. LOL….
Hope everything is ok with no breakdowns. Thinking about that steering setup.
By now I’m sure you know that Jessica made it around the Horn and is very happy, to say the least. She passed on a couple of video’s and some pictures which were great. I guess it was about that time that you went whizzing by. So the both of you have made it successfully, Amen to that…..
Abby Sunderland had another delay, but should be setting sail in a few days, and there’s another girl named Abby North who has just set sail from Vancouver, BC. She’s supposedly in a 40 footer, but so far there’s not much information on her.
You take care of yourself, and make sure that after you get your work done on Mhadei that you get yourself some good hot chow and a lot of good R&R.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Go Dilip, go! Fair seas to the Falklands.


Sylva Barns said...

Congratulations Dilip! But how did you get past Jessica? I thought you were behind her.Best of luck to you and please keep us updated when you can. Sylva

The McGraths said...

Hi Dilip,

Just to let you know we are thinking of you and pray you're well.

Best regards,

The McGraths, Nowra NSW Australia

CPO USN (ret) said...


Just read that you arrived in the Stanley today. Enjoy the rest!

workerbev said...

Hi Cdr Donde, (Beverly here in Tasmania) just checking in to see what your position is. How far is it from Cape Horn to Port Stanley.

The last blog before mine says you have reached Port Stanley, on 15 Jan, right now in Tassie it is 16 Jan, 0336hrs. If you are in port, I certainly wish you lots of warm food, fine fellowship, and complete repairs to Mhadei.

How long do you plan to remain there? I know it depends on the repair work, but what was your original plan?

Please remember, we like to be updated even when you are on R&R, LOL

God Bless You {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

bengt said...

I used google to find info about Dilip in Stanley. writes that Dilip reached Stanley on friday.

It is 422 nm according to my calculation between Cape Horn and Stanley.
Jessica should pass the Falklands on Saturday or Sunday.

nutralady2001 said...

Hello Commander. You probably know Jesse has rounded the Horn, with her parents able to do a flyover and wave and talk to her via radio. She doesn't have the luxury of pulling in to port as you have done. Hope your repairs go well and you are on your way again soon.....Meleese

Rex said...

Good morning, Dilip,
Congrats on passing the Horn, but where are you? Hope you have made it to Stanley by now and are getting your repairs done. Just worried about you and hope everything's okay.

Rex Gibbons,
St. John's, Newfoundland

SaltyDog said...

Commander Donde,

So glad to hear that you’ve reached Port Stanley. Take your time to go over the boat thoroughly as you have a long, challenging leg ahead of you before your next stop at Cape Town. And enjoy your rest and relaxation. It’s very well deserved. Congratulations again, Dilip, on a successful passage of Cape Horn.

From Seattle, WA, USA

SUBIR said...

Hi Dilip,
No post for the last few days. Are you stuck in the gale and with manual steering. Trust you get soon enough to port and fix the problems.

Take Care,

SUBIR said...

R U already at Port Stanley.

workerbev said...

Hi Cdr Donde, (Beverly here in Tasmania) just checking in to see what you are doing and where you are. I read a comment that said you reached Port Stanley on Fri, 15Jan.

So there you are, safe and sound, sea legs okay? How long does it take to get your land legs back once you have been at sea for awhile? I worry for Jessica about that. Eight months on a boat, rocking and rolling, I wonder how she will be when she steps off the boat in Sydney. Will she be able to walk or will she need help.

Are you going to be able to go to Sydney to see her come in or will you still be at sea? It would be so awesome if you could do a meet & greet, the two of you being so close for so long and not meeting each other. You could be the sea-faring ambassador for India. What a job - think I'll apply for it.

God Bless You and stay beside you all the way home and don't forget to write us BEFORE you even leave. I know there will be many dinners and functions you need to attend, but please don't forget us. Cheers {{{HUGS}}} Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

SUBIR said...

Hi - finally NDTV ran an update on your adventure. The national news channels are finally catching up.

Anonymous said...

Commander Donde,

"So glad to hear that you’ve reached Port Stanley."
Congratulations on epic passing Cape and to read the above, with
no update for a few days was worried.
the armchair sailor far south coast nsw OZ.

hezakiah299 said...

01-16-10 @ 09:25
Hi Dilip,
Just found out from a post by 'bengt' that you have arrived in Port Stanley, on Friday, congratulations. Glad to see that you arrived safe and sound. Now you'll be able to get a somewhat 'fresh start'. Good luck on your repairs, I hope they go well. Get some well needed R&R and you'll be ready for another run.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

Anonymous said...

Well Capt' .. it's good to here you made it to where your next stop is at.. bet your sure glad you'll be on dry land for a while.. how long will you be ..before heading out again..
You know Jesse' made it around as well to... what a fan fair she had with every one coming out to see her passing.. the Cap'.. I heard to yell'd out to her as well to. great job'...

Since Jesse , isn't taken a port.. that should mean she will be a head of you once again.. to the other side.. Please keep in touch with her as best as you can.. you know it's always better when you know someone else is out there.. even if it's 100 mile away from you on water...

Well get those things that went bad for you fixed before you head on out..

Take care Capt'...
God Speed


Bruce de Mich said...

Whew! I had begun to worry quite a bit, Dilip! Very happy to hear that you are accounted for at Port Stanley. You sure must have had a challenging trip from the point that you lost use of the auto mechanism. Hope you are able to make secure repairs and hang out for a well deserved rest after the battle with the last storm around The Cape.

Well done.. and best of fair weather and following sea as you head out into the Atlantic.

Bruce de Mich

Ravi Kiran Kollipara said...

Hi Dilip,

Congratulations and all the best for your remaining journey. We all are very proud of you.

Convey our regards to Jessica next time you talk to her.


col ramakrishnan said...


Vivek Deshpande said...

Heartiest congratulations and wish you all the best for 2nd half :)

Vivek Deshpande

Velayudhan said...

Congratulations, Commander!!!!!

I came to know about you and Jessica through a news article from Indian Express... just started reading your post and read some of the posts by Jessica.

with you both good sailing...
P. V. Nair
Dubai, Middle East

Velayudhan said...

Congratulations commander!!!!!!!!

Lygia said...

Hi Dilip,
CONGRATS from Roabin and self.
Your choice of words describes your experience so perfectly that it has made it come alive for us every day as we follow your blog.
Fantastic achievement to have past the Horn.
Think you also have a career as an adventure sports writer coming up !!

DipakSubarwal said...

Well done Commander, Gongrats & wish you well for the ride ahead

Dan said...

Dear Commander Donde

I can't help but feel you are being a little bit cruel, leaving us hanging with your last post "on 12 Jan in a howling gale that seems to be going from bad to worse!"

I found this artilce from Sailing World posted yesterday, Jan. 16 confirming arrival in the Falklands. It say you won't be leaving the Falklands until Jan.29th, so if true, Jessica will have a nice head start. Sounds like the old proverb of The Tortus and the Hare.

Keep us posted on your travels. We will be with you all the way home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip and blog readers.
You should read this article

It is from the British South Atlantic Islands News site.

Dilip was met by an Indian Defence Attaché and by the Royal British Navy.

Lyttelton Sea said...

Congratulations from the Lyttelton Sea Scout Troop. WE have been following your progress with great interest. Thanks once again for showing us around Mhadei.
Scout Leader
Lyttelton Sea Scout Troop

Toni McLean said...

Hello Dilip,
Glad to hear you've made it safely to the Falklands. I would love to hear how things are going for you as you make repairs and get ready for the next leg.
Best wishes

Tamara said...

Hope you get repaired quick and are back out next to Jessica soon!

To Hezakiah299
Correction on Abby North. She has NOT departed.
I saw the article on her and she's in a large, very fast trimaran.
As Joni quoted an excerpt from the article called "HOLD THOSE BONFIRES!" By Simon Jennings
Abby North, West Van's very own sailing sensation has had a small mishap with her 22.9 meter trimaran and repairs may take several weeks. Abby's Dad Carl says the three hulled boat ran afoul some unknown underwater obstacle while sailing at almost 25 knots this Thursday during trials out in the Georgia Straits. Abby was to leave with no fanfare on Friday, January 15th for her solo, unassisted, sail around the world. Abby's parents and sponsors are keeping her departure a complete secret until she announces it to her twitter group of some 4000 followers. Sorry Abby! Many of Abby's followers live along the US west coast and plan beach bonfires on the evenings Abby will be in range. Her course plan takes her along the US west coast staying within 5 miles of the coast. This intrepid sailor will eventually round the dangerous Cape Horn at the southern tip of South America and continue across the Atlantic Ocean to the Cape of Good Hope at the southern tip of Africa and then across the Indian Ocean, south of Australia and New Zealand, and then north past Hawaii to finish back in Vancouver. Abby plans to make the journey in 90 days. This is far from record speed, but at 15, she will be the youngest person to ever circumnavigate the globe. Dad Carl said as soon as she departs, they will release the website information which will include Abby's Twitter info along with tracking map and other voyage details. An interesting boast from Abby's Dad: "Even if Abby runs into pirates, her mother and I aren't worried! Abby can outrun and outmanoeuvre any pirate boat." Let's just hope Abby doesn't have to test his boast! ...
Tamara Pelham

hezakiah299 said...

01-17-10 @ 22:13
Hi Dilip,
Just read an interesting article about the reception you got upon arriving in Port Stanley, cheers and beers to you. I’m sure that was a proud moment for you.
Hope you get all your repairs done and then you can continue your voyage safely and with some peace of mind.
Good luck to you Dilip.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

hezakiah299 said...

01-17-10 @ 22:28
For Tamara Pelham,
Thanks for the up-date, I had picked up that bit of information on 01-15-10 and it wasn’t confirmed. Sorry to hear about her misfortune, I hope she’s not going to be docked for long and can get back to sailing.
Good luck to Abby, and I also hope that she won’t have to test her Dad’s boast.
Michael(75) from Kingwood, WV

Miles said...

Anyone remember that 1980's movie called the Legend of Billie Jean; you know: "Fair is fair!"
It was about a teenage "Joan of Arc" who developed a rabid grassroots following. She didn't seek out publicity; it just happened.
Well I think that's what we have with Abby North's family. I think they want attention to build from the grassroots simply because they refuse to talk to the media and are doing things differently. Twitter? Bonfires?!! Yeah, that's pretty different! So if and when she sets sail, I'll be watching with interest. I'm afraid I won't be able to make it for one of the bonfires, but I might even get myself a Twitter account or whatever you have to have to do Twitter!
Miles Lawson, Philadelphia

P.S. My congratulations to Captain Donde for making it through the storms of Cape Horn!
And my apologies for using your forum to express my thoughts on one of your peers, albeit one not yet so accomplished as yourself!

oliveslime said...

HI Dilip have been following you closely but haven't actually written to you. Congratulations on your progress around the cape... hope the weather is better now and u are having are having fair winds..
take care.

DS Pathania said...

Learnt that U R in port enjoying much deserved rest. Please accept a heartfelt BIG SHABAASH from all of us here. You have finished half u r journey with difficult part, hopefully, over. U Have really done great deal with steering gear problems in bad seas. In fact yesterday the Big Boss (CNS) spoke great deal about u and u r expedition to NCC Cadets during his address. He is really Canvassing for u soon there may be more people reading about u r adventure and commenting also.
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,
Glad to read you made Port safely and are enjoying a well earned rest.
Hope the repairs are soon finished and you are on your way again.
Look forward to further reports.


Anonymous said...

Ajit said...

Well done Dilip.Remember 'ONE MORE HILL'?....The storms will pass away...Ajit

RichieParis said...

Two more weeks for repairs, good nights, good meals and hot showers... that's all we can wish you, Commander Dilip!
Enjoy your Falkands stay before getting back to salt water!

@Tamara Pelham and Michael WV, re. Abby North...
OMG! All this looks... I miss english vocabulary... how would you say? This smells... fishy? Sometimes, a good pot of luck compensates borderline decisions. I hope the girl will get out of that bet... safe.

rishi singh said...

Congratulations Cdr !!

great journey ahoy, my first visit to u'r blog, great to see the energy out here... one more person to follow ;)
wish u luck

hezakiah299 said...

01-18-10 @ 15:36
For RichieParis,
Fact: I picked up this information on 01-15-10 on Abby Sunderland’s blog and it wasn’t confirmed, just from another poster:

(Anonymous said…
Does anybody know anything about this "other" Abby is (the first poster Chad above mentions someone named Abby North or Nord. It's amazing how many teenagers are attempting circumnavigations right now...amazing, and very cool!
I did a google search for Abby North and Abby Nord and sailing and Vancouver, but couldn't find anything. I'd like some more info, if anybody knows anything.
Thanks.......Mike B.
January 14, 2010 3:29 PM)
I made mention of it on this blog and Tamara corrected me(I didn’t know that Abby North had an accident).

Richie, you write very eloquently, and I have been with you, and enjoyed your posts on three (3) blogs now. But on this particular post, I don’t understand just what you are saying. Can you help me out with a little more detail. No pictures though. LOL….
Take care and keep posting.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

22.9 metres is enormous! Could even an older (more experienced) sailor handle a boat this big SOLO? I think this young girl has been handed a vessel that's probably meant for a team of expert sailors. Do you know if anyone has ever gone solo around the world in a boat THIS big? This might be where the egos of parents and sponsors endanger the lives of youth.

Anonymous said...

The "other" Abby is a spoof (hoax) - there is no article in the Georgia Straight, either press or online (can anybody quote the issue and page number) and nobody working for that newspaper by the name of "Simon Jennings".

The "Abby" of the "North"??? Come on, people...

All the best to the real people sailing out there - hope your boat is fixed real soon, Dilip.

Anonymous said...

I think you're wrong. I saw a big trimaran get hauled out of the water on Saturday. Unless you are here in Vancouver and you've checked it out yourself, you should hold on to your conspiracy theories. What possible motivation would someone have to make stuff up?! I would love it if we had our own global traveler to track!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia,

I am in Vancouver. Can you tell me which dock abby's boat is at? A few posters report seeing it but are silent on where exactly. I'd be very happy to be proved wrong.


Anonymous said...

Incidentally Sylvia I also have the last two issues of The Straight here with me so if you are also in Vancouver maybe you can spot the article on Abby which I can't seem to find, and let me know what page it is on.


Anonymous said...

The boat was at Reed Point. I don't have a clue where they took it. Hopefully you "know someone" in the repair business and can find out who has it. If it was not her boat, fine, I didn't claim any intimate knowledge. I was just keeping an open mind.

Are you the same Anonymous that has been cutting on Abby Sunderland on her blog? If so, myself and many others do not appreciate it. All our sailors need support not lurkers doubting their abilities!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia

Absolutely not! I'm a huge supporter of Abby S, Jessica and Dilip. I'm just aware that none of the Abby N info stacks up with anything I see here in Van with my own eyes and ears. And the quoting of a story which doesn't seem to exist by a journalist who doesn't seem to have published before is just weird.

I'll drop by Port Moody tomorrow. As I said, I'm happy to be proved wrong.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you're not the arse. I don't usually even read "The Straight." Why would you think I necessarily did? I've seen it laying around. I know it's weekly and free. Anyway, yes, please let us know what you find out. Can another sailor actually just walk up to the harbour master and find out who owns a slip?

Anonymous said...

YES it's been done by another woman, Ellen Macarthur. Her boat, the B&Q Castorama sounds very similar to what is described. See:
As to whether a 15 year old should be sailing a boat that big and expensive, ...if you can't say something nice...I'll keep my opinions to myself!
If we don't hear from her within two months, I'd chalk her up to someone who realized she was way over her head.
Tony S.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sylvia,

My apologies - I wasn't implying that you necessarily read the Straight - I was just asking if you did, then maybe you could spot the quoted article, because nobody I know can find it.

There are other reasons why the "story" screams hoax to me: the idea of sailing down the coast of the USA staying within five miles of land is absurd and implies a basic lack of understanding of navigation and the risks involved - particularly at night - with solo sailing. No sensible solo sailor would ever plan that course, particularly travelling at multi-hull speeds - they would head much farther out to sea away from shipping and navigational risks.

And the lack of times, dates and places for the references given is very odd.

Given the huge media interest in Jessica and Abby S, you would expect Abby N to have been tracked down and there to be independent stories in the press and on the web by now.

Anyway I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow. If Abby N's boat exists as described (22m+ tri) and came in anywhere near Port Moody, I'll be able to find it.

Anonymous said...

@ Tamara Pelham: Where did you find that article on Abby North? If you can tell us where it is found, it would clear up all this debate.

Simon Dyer 2C Light said...

Excellent progress Commander - well done on the battling the notorious gales of the Cape. Please let me know if you would like some more 2C SolarLightCaps to test. Warm regards Simon Dyer

UTPAL MORE said...

heartiest congratulations. one major step towards your ultimate goal. and belated good wishes for the new year. wish you fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

Will you "Anonymous" folks PLEASE go somewhere else?! This is Dilip's blog and his trip, not your soapbox!
Tim Sutton

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Will you "Anonymous" folks PLEASE go somewhere else?!... "

LOL :)

Anonymous said...

You are childish AND disrespectful as well.
Tim Sutton

rainbow1946 said...

COME-ON PEOPLE!!! This is Cdr Donde's blog page for HIS solo circumnavigation. NOT for people to argue about "other" young girls sailing or not sailing. Take your arguments and comments elsewhere.

We are here to support and encourage Cdr Donde and that is the main and only purpose of these blogs. He is kind enough to keep us updated on his voyage and we, in turn, love to talk to, and encourage him.

PLEASE, no more squibbling about hoaxes or not. Just get over it! If it isn't about, or to, Cdr Donde, or his blog family talking to each other "about" him, just deal with your issues somewhere else.

A VERY BIG FAN OF CDR DONDE (not all these other wanna-be's).

Tim Sutton said...

Thank you for saying it much better than I could have. And thank you Dilip for including us in your adventure!
Tim Sutton

Anonymous said...

Time for an update from Cdr Dilip his followers are getting restless.

Adrian said...

Rainbow and Tim

I understand your impatience, but to be fair, it is the Cdr's "blog family" who have raised the names and discussions of Abby Sunderland and Abby North on this blog site, and the Cdr himself who discusses Jessica Watson.
Many, many of the friends of this blog are also friends of the blogs of Abby Sunderland and Jessica, and will be very offended by you describing them as "wanna-be's".
Curiosity about other solo sailors is a natural part of the conversation here, inspired and joined by the Cdr, and it would be dull indeed if it were different.
Kind regards to all,

RichieParis said...

Sorry about posting on Cdr's Donde blog for external questions, "Anonymous Anonymous", but it is just a follow-on, and still about solo circumnavgation:

@Michael/Hezekiah... I didn't know how to say it in englis, but I meant that all this Abby North story, born on Abby Sunderland's blog, with unconfirmed sights, unconfirmed rumours, unconfirmed newspapers articles, unconfirmed existing 15yo girl and unconfirmed king size (***expensive) trimaran, has a very, very strong smell of a hoax.
Why such a hoax? Who created it?
Well, I have been curious, read and searched, but now I stopped believing it might be true, and I am leaving it in the hoax-box until it would be proven genuine some day, which I doubt.

Back to basics, how is Commander Donde? I hope he is enjoying Stanley. Though the nightlife there must not be frantic... I should google to see somepics of the town. Apart from some wartome smokey pics, my main knowledge about Port Stanley is that there were HMS Invincible and Inflexible and their tripod masts, waiting for von Spee's fleet in 1914, to take a revenge for Coronel's Admiral Cradock's disaster. I imagine a harbor with these two short, mighty and tank-looking battleships... Must be another sight nowadays with the elegant Mhadei!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,

Just a quick note to say hi and I hope you are enjoying your much deserved R & R before you set sail again.

I've been doing a lot of LOL reading all of your latest blogs. Hmmm, yes I do wonder about that Abby North. Haven't heard of her until reading your latest blogs.

Like Hezakiah299, Samurai and many others I am following your travels, Jesse Watson's voyage and Abby Sunderland's blog. It's funny how none of us have met, we are from many different parts of the world, but we all have a common interest and that is to encourage and support all three of you till you all reach home safe and sound.

All the best and wishing you safe travels for the duration of your journey.

Warmest regards. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't mind me adding this if I may please Dilip. I meant to add this on to my last blog and forgot. Many thanks.

To Hezakiah299:

Hi Michael, you are a faithful blogger and write many encouraging, uplifting words to Dilip, Jesse and Abby. I'm not sure when your birthday was, but I have noticed that your age has gone from 74 to 75 just recently.

So, I would like to wish you many happy returns and hope you had a very happy birthday and wish you good health and happiness.

Warmest wishes. Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Lalit Attri said...

Hi Cdr Donde

Finished reading your very enjoyable journal. Many congrats on passing Horn and completing 3rd leg.
Wishing you and your loved ones a very happy new year.
Trust Falklands hospitality continues unabated with a grand welcome received on your arrival.
On behalf of T.S. Rajendra 80-81 batch.
Good luck.

Fm Chandigarh

hezakiah299 said...

01-19-10 @ 10:47
Hi Dilip,
Well here’s hoping, that you’re getting some good R&R in, and also getting some maintenance time on Mhadei. While the weather is still fairly decent in that area, I hope you can get away pretty soon.
I was wondering if it would be a good idea to carry some extra bolts with you for your trouble areas, or do you have it figured out. I also wondered about having the correct sized bolt for that particular bolt hole. I just hope you get it figured out so that your trip is a lot more enjoyable. Good Luck!!

RichieParis: I read that article that you wrote, numerous times, and could not figure it out, I went back in a little later and it was very plain and simple. Go figure!!! Sorry about that?!?!?!?
Maybe there’s something wrong between the ears, I’ve done this before, but at my age I’m allowed. Ha, ha, LOL……….
Jan, Auckland NZ: Thank you for the kind words, and likewise to you. I think it’s nice to let these people know that they are not going unnoticed nor unappreciated. After all, for a lot of people, (like myself) this is entertainment. Fresh air no less. LOL…..
Yes Jan, if we all got together for a ‘to do’ there would be a lot of different flags flying.
Sorry Dilip, for using your blog for a sounding board.
I think I would check them bolt holes for unusual wear.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

Anonymous said...

7days since we last heard from you - folks down under want to know ... wassup?????

Bob from Seattle said...

Captain (or should I say Commander? Sea Captain and Land Commander, right? Oh that's right it's the Navy. Now I'm confused! Just kidding) Dilip,

Lucky YOU to have four stops. Hope you are enjoying yourself as I'm sure you are. I'm imaging many special diners with good friends. Wish I could be there to hear the toasts. Hope any repairs of Mhadei went well. Looking forward to your departure on February 2nd and your next blog entree.

@RichieParis & hezakiah299,------ After someone asked, I did just report the alleged sighting of Abby North's damaged trimaran on A.S.'s blog but now you make me wonder if it's all a hoax?

RichieParis said...

@Michael... no problem! We all know birthday parties' hangovers, and we noticed that you partied for several days on the blogs! :-D
@Bob... I think a fellow blogger said he searched the marinas, and finally found a trimaran with a silver sail, with heavy damages, and around just a kid pretending he was Abby's brother and telling stories. Nothing really strong. If our colleague asked "is it Abby North's boat", a brat could answer "yes, she's my sister" and say anything just for the fun of it.

@Commander Dilip: Thank you for your hospitality! We hope the repairs are on their way and the skipper happy. Two weeks left now before leg 4!

ET Gurl said...

Hey Dilip

Wakey Wakey hand off snakey & open that thing under your nose & let us know whats a happening

Adrian said...

The internet is a wonderful democratising tool. Only here could you find a Commander in the Indian Navy, defenders at sea of over one billion people, addressed by the phrase "Wakey wakey hand off snakey..."

This blog just gets more fun by the day. I think ET Gurl is correct in her entreaty, however - the Commander needs to update his followers if he wishes to regain control of his blogsite!


Jay said...


You are a complete loser! You need to go back to the beginning of this post & see what people think of your crass comments.

You should also show some respect for Commander Donde & others reading this blog.

You are unashamedly seeking attention & you certainly have ours for the moment. Are you even interested in sailing?

Shame it's not audited I would ban all your comments. You're a weirdo!


kozhalmannam shriram said...

A south american focus is hot in the venture capital circles! If you are heading to Haiti it has been hit by a quake. I assume it would take you a month to reach florida!

studentno.1 said...

bravo!! braveheart,,gud luck commander!!

Anonymous said...

अभिनंदन ;
आम्हाला तुमचा अभिमान आहे.


Edinburgh UK

Anonymous said...

Hello Commander Dilip. What you are doing is very inspiring. Please write about how you made all the preparations for this journey, especially about the arrangement of permissions and visas etc.


hezakiah299 said...

01-20-10 @ 11:40
Hi Dilip,
How are you doing, Dilip. I imagine you're extremely busy working on Mhadie, which definitely comes first.
Please ignore all the negative remarks since those people do not speak for all of us. Some people haven't learned about patience yet. If they are not satisfied with your procedure then they should look elsewhere. Yes????
Take it at your pace and when the time is right we'll hear from you.
I just hope that you haven't run into a major problem.
Take care and be safe.
Your in my prayers.
Michael(75)from Kingwood, WV (USA)

Harish Pathria said...

Way to go, Cdr Dilip!!!

Keep the India flag flying high!!!

- Harish Pathria
(Ex-Indian Army Paratrooper from Canada)

Spartacus said...

as sir robin said, cape horn is a bastard of a place and you have crossed it...

im proud of you and mhadei.

waiting for u to come back... will welcome you im mumbai with some good homemade laddoos.

workerbev and/or rainbow1946 said...

Hello Cdr Donde, (Beverly here in Tassie) just checking in/out to find out what is/isn't going on.

I do hope you are having a really restful R&R there in Port Stanley. Did you get over all the pomp when you arrived? It is kinda fun to be recognized like that though, isn't it?

May I have your permission to address the blog family members?

Hi guys, Jay, Richie, Michael - this is "workerbev" now also known as "rainbow1946" as about a week ago my yahoo acct got "hacked" and "linked" so I've had to open another. But, lo and behold, I've outsmarted the hackers and have my yahoo account back. Boy, was I stressed. I enjoy e-books and have purchased many in the past and they are in a folder in my yahoo acct. I thought for sure that was money down the drain as I hadn't read some of them. Now I can stop stressing.

Jay - I'm right there with you on the comments from ET Gurl. What a loser! I have commented on him/her "it" before but apparently it has no brain, or no common sense, or no sense of dignity whatsoever. Now I just ignore them, don't even read them, so if it wants attention, this is the last it will get from me. Also see my comments under "Rainbow1946" regarding the comments from all the "Anonymous'". What disrespect.

Richie & Michael, you guys are just tops! You are always here for Cdr Donde and Jessica also, with such kind words and funny comments. You both make me laugh so much. I still can't get over you Michael, when you told Mary, Maine, that she made you laugh til you were simple! I absolutely think I'll take that one to the grave with me if you don't mind me plagarizing. Okay?

As for you dear Cdr Donde, don't you think you could slip into the Mhadei for a quick update and let us at least know you are okay and what day you are leaving Port Stanley. I'm sure we will all be on-line that day to give you a great, merry, send off. Hope your land legs don't last too long on the yacht, could be a funny video if you would care to share.

Happiness is sailing...
Begin Again in 2010!

Keeping you in my prayers and remember God is right next to you every step you take. {{{HUGS}}}
Beverly & Andrew Penney, Tasmania

ha, verification word is slypjamm.
Don't jam the slip on your way out Cdr.

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