Monday, December 14, 2009

Goodbye Lyttelton - A Little Town with a Large Heart

Mhadei sailed out of Lyttelton harbour at noon on 12 Dec 09, exactly a year after she was floated in her namesake river a year back. She was seen off once again by Adm Sureesh Mehta, this time as the Indian High Commissioner in New Zealand and a number of well wishers. I am saying a number of well wishers as there are far too many to name! We couldn't have chosen a better Port for a stopover than Lyttelton. This large hearted little town looked after Mhadei and her crew so well and made us feel at home that it became a bit difficult to say goodbyes. The Indian Navy tried to enlist the services of an agent in the Port to look after the boat & the crew but landed up getting a godfather in Capt Peter Rea, a Master Mariner & experienced Yachtsman who took it upon himself to ensure that both the boat & the crew were well prepared for the journey ahead! The Port waived off all the fees, the boat was blessed by a minister, stocked up with fresh fruit & goodies for Christmas, the crew  honoured with a traditional Maori welcome at Christchurch .........the list goes on! But then all good things have to come to an end and it is the lot of boats and seamen to move on! Giving some links of the departure below meticulously collected by the Indian Naval advisor Capt Jatinder Singh who went out of his way to look after us both at Fremantle & Lyttelton.

          Crossed the International date line today 14 Dec thus making it the longest day! A full 48 hrs as we will continue with 14 Dec tomorrow too. Suddenly from being 13 hrs ahead of GMT we are 11 hrs behind! The sea has been kind so far with about 15 to 20 kts of breeze, sunny days and clear nights. In fact almost got becalmed a few times! We are heading in a ESE direction and should cross Chatham Islands tomorrow, the last bit of land till South America almost 4000 Nm away.


Jatti said...

Sail on Dilip!
It was indeed an emotional parting for many present on that day! Well look after yourself and will look forward to meeting you sometime in India once you have accomplished the feat!
Trying to get back to the mundane things, but it has been a pleasure to do our bit for the project and yourself and for a change got a feeling of having accomplished something which cant be put on paper
Adm Awati has been more than kind with his warm words, but if I may confess, it is these warm words that keeps one going down under!
Cheer up and have a merry Christmas

Prabir said...

Happy you have resumed your voyage and in good heart. Can fully appreciate how much good will and proactive support can mean in a venture like yours. Happy sailing. folks like me will drop in now and again to cheer you on. All the best.

pracs said...

Hi good to see you back on blog, viewed all the links you published , good video coverage by the international press, there is so much of love, affection & support from all over the world, am really touched.
Great going, all the best buddy.........

SUBIR said...

Good to know you are recharged. How befitting that Admiral Suresh Mehta saw you off once agian !! Take good care.

pallavi said...

Hey Dilip good to see you on blog one again . Read all the links and viewd the photos. I hope you had a gr8 time there!!


koda sri vatsa said...

way to go skipper. greetings from t66. proud to see your journey resume. missed your blog all these days. keep on. take care.