Saturday, December 19, 2009

Stuck in High Pressure!

The last two days have probably been the most sedate so far. Unexpectedly, we are stuck in a High Pressure area with very little winds and it feels as if we are just drifting around! Luckily there isn't much swell and clear skies so it is fairly comfortable though we would rather be moving along! The cook is having a field day cooking Dosas, Bhepuri, Prawn Curry, the works! While the skipper spends sleepless nights looking for every whiff of wind and hand steering often when the autopilot gives up due to very slow speeds and erratic wind direction.

     Finished "The Glass Palace" by Amitav Ghosh. Excellent book and the second I have read by the same author on Mhadei. Coincidentally I was wallowing in the doldrums near the equator on my way back from Mauritius earlier this year while reading the first one! It does help having a good book to read to keep your mind off the frustrations of wallowing around on windless days. Wondering which one to start next, though the wind seems to be picking up slightly. Heading on a more Southerly course in an effort to get out of the High pressure system and also reduce the distance to destination by sailing closer to a great circle route.


Anonymous said...

Bless you Commander. I am glad to see you making such progress across the Great Southern Ocean. Enjoy this becalmed moment as it will not last! Warmest regards from Don Rae in Christchurch (sorry I couldn't make it down to Mhadei)

SUBIR said...

A nice read is always good. In addition to becoming a very good sailor you will also end up as a very enlightened one (not just well read).
Take Care.

DS Pathania said...

Sir. Good luck. just for your info the 'Sainik Samachar' of 01- 15 Dec 09 has carried an article on your circumnavigation and your photograph receiving Ganesh idol from Adm Mehta (incidentally the idol was selected and purchased by me). I hope Ganeshji is keeping company with you.
Bye & Enjoy