Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sailing in the Fearsome Fifties

The unexpected Easterly and North Easterly winds in the last couple of days pushed us South earlier than expected but after being becalmed for over two days moving anywhere was welcome! The wind is still oscillating between North & NNW making us sail a narrow reach to run the longitudes. Today was an  exceptionally good day with a clear sunny sky and 15 kts of Northerly breeze propelling us almost dead East at a healthy 7 kts. Lets see how long the good times last and the Fearsome Fifties start showing their true colours!

          Finished reading "A voyage for Madmen" by Peter Nichols which is an account of the Sunday Times Golden Globe race of 1968, the first Solo round the world race! I think sailing today is a cakewalk compared to what the participants of that race went through! After reading such a spellbinding book almost without a break, it was time for some light entertainment so watched "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", that evergreen musical comedy with Marlyn Monroe!


Anonymous said...

Dear Dilip,

Reading your blog is an entertaining adventure. You write very well. And of course, you are so brave to undertake this challenging endevour. We are all very proud of you and wish you a heartwarming Christmas. Know that we are thinking of you as you sail across the oceans. Merry Xmas and be safe!

Your cousin,
(from NJ)

Prabir said...

Hi Dilip, Merry X'mas to you. Wishing you fair winds and all the best in achieving each one of your goals. TC

delicate thunder said...

hi Donde sir,
I wish that Santa Claus and his reindeer coach add to your speed today. Merry Christmas,
Lt Cdr Binoy

Bob B said...

A belated Merry Christmas. I just learned of your solo voyage from reading Jessica's blog. I've been following her adventure since she has started. I'm not a sailor but it does interest me so I do read about it often or watch the Americas Cup every 4 years. You mentioned the around the world race in '68, I read Chicester's solo trip in the Gypsy Moth 2. What difference between then and now. Gooding sailing to you and I'll try to keep up and send more comments. Bob in Tucson Arizona USA

Phillip said...

Hi Dilip,
From Jessica Watson's blog I see you 2 look like making a race out of it. Mind you may need more handicap than 600Nm lol.
Good luck to you and may the winds be fair for you both.
Tink in Malaysia

Anonymous said...

Good day sir, just found you from reading Jessica's blog. It gives us winter armchair sailors an adventure to be sure. Good winds to you from Cape Breton Island Nova Scotia, the historic town of Louisbourg.

Anonymous said...

Good Luck with your trip
I have been following Jessica's blog daily.
i look forward to reading your's now as well

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