Monday, December 28, 2009

Oh these maddening Easterlies!!

For the last two days we have been getting strong Easterlies forcing us to head South instead of East. This is something totally unexpected for these latitudes where the normal wind direction is supposed to be Westerly! By evening we had almost reached the latitude of Cape Horn, and the end of the Skipper's patience! So tacked and now making slow NE progress against a swell. Not the most comfortable way to sail with the boat falling off the swell and hammering in the troughs every now and then, but there didn't seem much choice unless the destination was Antarctica! It has been drizzling throughout making everything damp and cold. Hoping for the wind to shift, well it has to eventually, in any direction but the East!

          Since Jessica mentioned my blog on hers there seems to be a sudden increase in comments and questions. While it may be difficult to answer all from a bouncy boat, here are answers to a few common ones. I do not have any HF communication so all communication is by normal e mail using Fleet Broadband. I started from Mumbai on 19 Aug and stopped at Fremantle & Lyttelton enroute. Plan to stop at Port Stanley and Cape Town before heading home so one can say I am around the half way point of my trip. My boat Mhadei was named after the old name of the river she was built on. The river is called Mandovi these days and runs through the state of Goa on the West Coast of India.


Anonymous said...

Smooth sailing, Captain.
All the best
Richard (QLD) Aus.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your fantastic adventure.

RichieParis said...

Hello Commander Donde,
Sorry for the unusual Easterlies... shouldn't last for long. Thank you for the explanation for Mhadei's name.
And, by the way, what does "Sagerparikrama" mean? Would it be something like "sail around the world"?
Fair winds and great sailing!

SailSim said...

Hi Dilip,

We just heard about your voyage from Jessica Watson. Just wanted to wish you fair winds for the remainder of your epic voyage. We'll all be following your blog from now in addition to Jessica's.

All the very best

Jim @sailsim

yarnek said...

Hey Captain Donde,

Jessica says you are catching up fast. We can't have that, so I'm going to email her a paddle!
Seriously, I hope the wind starts behaving soon so that you both can make some headway.
Will follow your blog with interest.

Toni McLean said...

Oh dear, Dilip. Easterlies are no good. I just looked up a marine weather site and it reported roughly south westerlies in your part of the world for Monday and Tuesday. So, I hope that it backs for you soon. Don't suppose you want to head up towards Santiago do you?

I once heard someone describe sailing as spending a lot of time travelling in a direction you don't actually want to go in. As an old sailor I can relate to that.

Jessica has had pretty good weather throughout her journey considering, so maybe if you catch up with her your luck will change a bit. Look on the bright side. At least you're giving her plenty of sea room so you won't bump into one another. :-)

Thanks for taking the time to respond to our questions.

Wishing for some kind westerlies for you.


Anonymous said...

Hi mate

Yes, Jessica's link bought me to your site. I guess there are lots of people doing this solo around the world thing - really admirable and gutsy effort to anyone who tries it.

Good luck and give Jess a wave as you go by for all her supporters!!



Workerbev said...

Oh Oh, Commander Donde, you are in for a treat! We Jessica "followers" expect her to blog each day and tell us what she is doing, how she is doing, what she ate, when she ate it, is she clipped on (ARE YOU?), has she rested. I guess maybe because she has spoiled us so much, we must expect you to do the same. LOL

Sorry you are getting so frustrated about the wind. Jess is also. Things are too calm, I believe she would like "something", anything to happen to get her moving again.

May the wind gods pull it out and get on with what they are supposed to do for our solo sailors. Best of luck and God speed.
Beverly Penney (Tasmania)

DreamsFloat Joe said...

Happy New Year and enjoy your journey Captain! That Jessica sure is a name dropper. smile

Jim said...

Hi Dilip,

After reading about you in Jessica's blog I checked out your one and am amazed with your fantastic pictures and I like the google map insert with each post, like me I see that others have come on board, so to speak, from Jessica's blog and we now have two blogs to follow. I went right back to start of your journey, like Jessica you are a great creative writer, keep up the good work. How wonderful you and Jessica can keep in touch with each other, mutual support could be very helpful through Drakes Passage, discussing weather and ocean conditions.

All the best Dilip

Perth, Western Australia

Uncle Hectic said...

Sounds like some pretty difficult sailing. Hopefully the wind will change for you. I'm really looking forward to your blogs as you approach the horn,

ToSeeTheSea said...

this is my first post to your blog.
I feel for you, easterlies in those latitudes is not nice. Like you say though it will change.
There is a rather nasty depression coming from the north that is predicted to deepen as it comes south. To see what I mean cut and paiste this link into your browser;
I hope you manage to get the right side of it and run with it.
Nice looking boat with similar lines to a Lidguard. If you have a trisail aboard I suspect it will be getting a bit of use in the next few thousand miles.
I took some video footage when skippering a RNZN Chico 40 Sail Training Craft up the coast of New Zealand in reasonably heavy weather. You can view the video here on my youtube site

art & judie said...

got your blog from Jessica
you guys are are very good writers not since Slocum.

Anonymous said...

Hi Captain.

Another Jessica fan logging on, going to be interesting comparing your journey with young Jessica's, and yeah, give her a wave if you do happen to sail past her little ship.

Wondering if any of your own countrymen are supporting you in your travels as was are Jessica.

Kevmeister from Perth

Georgia Guy said...

Hello Commander Donde,

I, like others, picked up you blog link from Jessica Watson and am now "reporting on deck" as a follower.

Samurai, a regular contributor from Perth WA on Jessica's blog, provided us with some interesting video links to you and your adventure. Thanks Samurai !

I was quite impressed with Mhadei, and will look forward as you chase the little pink sails across the Pacific on Google Earth. Like following a breadcrumb trail.

Rounding the horn together would be an interesting event to follow. But the wind must improve for that to happen.

I will sign off with the same thing I use on every Jessica posting I make.

Safe sailing and Godspeed.

Georgia Guy

Sergio (Venezuela) said...

Hello Dilip,

Also redirected from Jessica's. I am glad to have found your blog and wish you the best of luck. Your views of the Globe are so illustative. I will take the time to read your older posts.

With best regards,
Sergio (from Venezuela...way North of Cape Horn)

Mike Kay Avon Indiana said...

Hello Commander, just found out about your adventure from Jessica Watson. I have followed her journey and think you two are very brave and I wish you well. Hope the conditions improve and Godspeed. Mike

45° 31′ 0.02″ N, 73° 39′ 0.02″ W said...

नमस्ते Dilip,

Best wishes to you and Mhadei.

With permission, a little info on Madhei for your new bloggers:

Fair winds, stay warm, keep safe.


Clint Jeffrey - VK3CSJ said...

G'day Dilip,
I'm trying to get to bed!...but here I am at 3:32am reading peoples blogs from Jessica to Abby's now across to yourself, whew!....and this is the way its gonna be for the next few months too, boy oh boy...

Well as everyone else has already said "thanks" to Jessica pointing out your Web Site and many thanks to "Samurai" for those two Video Links...we now know who you are Dilip!...and I do find it amazing that you are the first Indian to take this trip....what the heck have you guys been up to all this time???

And WHY don't you have HF!!...and all important mode of communication especially at sea, I think you have VHF on board, I think Jessica has VHF comms too, you should be able to link up there not a problem certainly in a few days time...

Well I must get to bed, I'm on holidays for 3 weeks so late nights are so much of a big deal...

I can see how those Easterly's are altering your course...not so good

Good on ya Dilip, you're doing really well...we shall keep an eye on you too!

Cheers mate

Clint - Melbourne Town....3:46am!

nutralady2001 said...

Thanks for the info Dilip. I see Jesse is coming down while you are sailing across (having already crossed the Equator) Don't crash and don't jump on to her boat if you meet LOL it will disqualify her... LOL

Olin said...

Keep up the good work. I love reading your updates as I sit behind my desk, day dreaming about the adventure you are on.

Anonymous said...

Hello Captain

Well just so you know, captain jess has some very avid followers so expect some comments from now on,
I wish you all the best in your trip and am amazed to find out you will be the first indian to sail solo around the world, a great achievment, keep up the blog so us on dry land can keep in touch, i would love to see any pictures you can post and also how you prep for a voyage like this,

I wish you calm seas and steady winds ( in the right direction )

Dreamsailor, miami, florida, usa
Formerly from ipswich, uk

Dreamsailor said...


show me state said...

Hello, Jessica told us about you, so am following you also. I am in the heart of America, state of Missouri and I am fascinated by people doing what you are doing. Keep telling us all about your trip, I love it!!!!! I love the pictures...smooth sailing, Show me state.....

Ranen said...

Hi Captain Dileep, I know about Jessica since she started, but only recently following her bloggs, and you took my by surprise....that an Indian is also doing n that too already covered half of the distance. Good captain, you are making us proud....I am gonna follow you closely...plz do blogging regularly...and also mention about Jessica n your communication. Its fascinating that 2 guys are mid of the ocean and are in guys are rocking....sailing.
San Antonio

tashworth said...

Hello Dilip, like many others we picked up your details from Jessica's blog. It's great to read your blogs and we wish you all the best for your circumnavigation. Interesting to note the differences between yours and Jessicas's voyage although, as you say, new technology makes conditions a little easier today compared with 1968. Despite modern nav. aids, I'll bet you have a sextant and tables stowed away somewhere and possibly a parachute sea anchor if things get a bit rough?
Good sailing,
Tony, Brisbane.

Angus said...

Hi Donde,
I got your blog site from Jesse's site. Hope things are going well for you. When you pass our little champ, give her a wave for us.
Good luck, Fair winds and following seas.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip

Anonymous said...

Hey Dilip,
Glad things are going well , good luck.

bert said...

Good luck mate

Jonathan said...

Hi Dilip,

Just like the others who are here courtesy our champion - Jess Watson, I had no idea you were also in the very midst of this great adventure !

Just like the others I am hooked so will follow your progress along with Jess's. Be prepared to see your blog comment page expanding very rapidly ! Jess gets anywhere from 200 to 300 comments every day and the vast majority of these are written by the same people around the world that followed her from day one and even before that (myself included).

Your sunset shots are really great !

Fair winds and happy sailing !

Melbourne, Australia

ET Gurl said...

Hey Dilip

Just where do you keep the Curry & are you married

Pete and Nancy in Keene, NH. USA said...

Good evening Captain,

As with many others, I found your blog courtesy of Jessica Watson whom we have followed since day one of her voyage. Glad to see that there are others out there trying the same thing. A few questions though.

1. Why did you chose to make your voyage a trip with stops along the way? Was it for re-supply?

2. Have you had any contact with Jess via radio?

3. How close will you pass to Jess?

Just curious. Now we'll have to check you blog daily as well as Jess's. Take care and be safe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip, and yep, I also found you through Jess's blog, which I've been following since forever and check every day. I'll now be adding yours and plan to read back through your archive. I'm inspired by the journeys the two of you are making. Kay Cottee used to chat to a guy called Tim on a ship at about the same point in the trip that you're at, so it's nice that you are Jessica are out there at the same time.

Good luck and fair winds, hope Cape Horn is in a gentle mood for both of you.

Anon on a Tasmanian mountain.

Des said...

Hi Dilip
I found the link to your site on Jessica's blog.It is great to hear that there is someone else out there going in the same direction. Will you be stopping somewhere in Argentina or the British Falkland Islands?
You are on a bigger and faster boat, wave g'day to Jessica for me.
All the best and good sailing.

Anonymous said...

May the west wind blow and the sailing gods be with you my friend.
I will be following you , Jessica & Abby

hezakiah299 said...

12-28-09 @20:21
Hi Dilip,
I went out to my kitchen, fixed a couple of sandwiches, a big glass of milk, turned on my music, (jazz) and then settled in to read all your blogs from April 'o8.
Since I'm a slow reader, and I take notes, it was a very pleasant evening. I can't comment on each blog, or else I'd be here all night, but all in all that was a very interesting trip. A little hairy, a little scary but very memorable.
You definitely encountered your share of problems, but conquered them all, and came up smiling and always looking forward.
Jessica had a visitor once, she called it “Silly” but it wasn’t as brave as your visitor.
I really enjoyed reading about your travels, but since I’m a picture man (a picture is worth a thousand words) your pictures with your detailed explanations were well beyond that. I would read a blog and then blow up the picture and trace your path. Incredible, but I enjoyed it. J That’s why it turned into a full evening. JJJ

I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand the proper use of the different sails, but I’m picking up a little bit from each blog by Jessica and yourself. It just makes me realize how complicated sailing can be. Not just any one can step aboard a sailboat and go for a cruise.
Listening to some of our bloggers like Gant Fjermedal, Salty dog, Richard Lathrop, RichieParis, Samurai, gsimmons and numerous others, opens up the mechanics and electronics involved in sailing, it’s mind boggling.
For my knowledge of sailing, to start, I would have to begin with a board a broomstick and a sheet. JJJ………
Those pictures were outstanding and worthy of framing. The sunrises and the sunsets were priceless.
Looking forward to your next blog and some more great pictures.

Keep up the good work, take care, be safe and enjoy yourself. I shall keep you in my prayers.
Michael (74)from Kingwood, WV

Anonymous said...

Hey Dilip

Been following Jessica with some anxiety as she proceeds South --- it looks like you both are in some "headwind - northeasterly" winds..... I'm loolking at Google Earth with the weather feature checked.

But --- it looks like you are gaining ground on her - perhaps you both will cross the Cape side-by-side in a few days - eh?


Anonymous said...

readoDilip - Since Jessica turned South toward Soth America I've had a bit of an estimate on her sailing abeam the Cape --- my prog is January 21, 2010. I am hoping it will be that or sooner; and for you also.

May you get relief with westerly winds soon --


Ritu Sharma said...

Hi Commander Donde!!

This is Ritu Sharma from Indo-Asian News Service, Delhi. Jst had a couple of queries-
1. How are you planning to celebrate new year?
2. you have completed your antartica leg. So if you cud describe the environment a bit. Did u c any floating icebergs.
3. And how do you spend your time.

Looking forward to see you here. Till then happy journey. My email is

Tracie Lynne Hall said...

I agree with the comments about your pictures. Very pretty! One almost had me sea sick! (I think we were healing a bit)
I'm only as far as August--meaning I've finished August and plan to start reading the 14 Sept. posts tomorrow. Moths, hah? How odd. Jessica had those squid a couple of nights in a row not long after she first set out, if I recall correctly, but one isn't as surprised about squid--although I never new they hung out together and it never occurred to me they'd get washed aboard a boat.
I too am sorry you are struggling through winds that are going the wrong way. you keep going South until they change? Here's the part where we learn Tracie isn't a don't want to get too far South, right? Isn't the wind even stronger the farther South you go?....but then when it's going the wrong way, who can say how strong it would be I guess. OK, this sounds like rambling, so I'm leaving now.
Here's hoping the wind shifts and sets you in the direction you want to go!
Take care,
P.S. Please forgive me if it's rude not to address you as "Sir". I'm not familiar with Naval etiquette, but noticed many of your early commenters address you that way. Is that something between fellow service people, or should civilians address a naval officer that way also?
Sorry for all the questions but here's one last one, are you still in the Navy?
OK, NOW I'm leaving.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dilip,

I heard about your blog as a few others have now, from the wonderful, talented, brave Jessica Watson. Isn't she doing well! My three children aged 17, 15 and 11 are funny. They think that I now have another adopted daughter (Jessica Watson), as I am continously telling the family how she is going on her travels.

I can remember reading somewhere a little while ago that you had stopped in at Lyttleton, New Zealand, but didn't know that you had a web address? I hope that the kiwis were friendly and treated you well.

Jessica has enjoyed speaking to you she says in her blog, it seems that you are catching up to her. The closest thing she has come to something human (man made) lately was a plastic container that washed passed her, so maybe you might be able to wave to her as you go past, I'm sure that would make her day :-).

Your voyage is a little different to Jessica's voyage in that you can make stops on your way, which I'm sure Jessica would like to do as well, but that will have to be on another voyage, as this one is solo, non-assisted, and non-stop.

I hope that all goes well for you as you approach Cape Horn and the Roaring Forties! I have never sailed on a yacht before, just on a little dinghy, fishing. I admire how you are travelling all alone out there in the middle of nowhere. I wish you safe travels for the duration of your voyage and I will keep tabs on your voyage now that I know about your travels. I am also watching out for Abby Sunderland who is the American lass who is getting ready to set sail on "Wild Eyes". She is also 16 years old.

All the best and "Happy New Year". Jan (Auckland, New Zealand)

Robert said...

cap dilip,

waiting patiently to know how u (and jess) are negotiating the headwinds.

bob from birch bay washington

Cleo said...

awesome to know there is someone else out there with our Jess Take care and safe sailing

Anonymous said...







Rum can get you through times of no wind much better than wind can get you through times of no rum

Anonymous said...

Hang in there sir, and have a safe and wonderful new year........what u r doing is amazing....and i used to think t'gini did long voyages..



Meredith said...

What an adventure! What an adventure you're both having... And fantastic for us to be following it so minutely. I think it's the first time I've fully experienced the power (for good) of our new cyber-society and it fills me with optimism - as does your adventure, the epitome of the human spirit. Bravo and best wishes,
(an Aussi having her own little adventure living in beautiful Sri Lanka)